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Found 19 results

  1. My name is Stephen Smith and I humbly greet you all. I live and work in Johannesburg, South Africa. My wife, Marian, and I are the founders of the wonderful Tsu Charity, The Papillon Foundation @XP116LLON We registered the Charity in 2002 and since then it occupies all of our time. Papillon has some amazing successes, even though it is run on a shoe-string. It is my pleasure to be a part of this forum.
  2. Hey all TsuForum users I ve noticed lately that some Children of my Children arent actually in the network. Why? They got inivation link but they try to find some info about TSU, they start new page tus.co and referreal is gone. This problem should be solved, I think I lost already 5 people in Network. So if you send welcome message to new people, this invitation part mention more but it has only little effect.
  3. Untuk mendapatkan Children dan Network mesti harus ada kemauan dan usaha dengan memanfaatkan waktu senggang, misalnya dengan mengundang/ mengajak rekan2 kalian untuk bergabung dengan TSU. Selama ini saya lebih banyak mengundang lewat pasang iklan di Group2 FB, Google+, Twitter dll. Saya juga sering pasang iklan dibeberapa media online sambil baca berita, di kolom komen saya sisipkan iklan Tsu, tapi sebelum pasang iklan anda mesti login dulu ke FB, langkah ini sangat efektif dan boleh anda coba. Ini media online yang sering saya pasang iklan: http://www.merdeka.com http://www.vi
  4. Get Tsu Children For FREE Rules: 1) Open tsu account with short code UnitedDonations 2) Wait for your first Children It's that simple! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You have to open new account with short code UnitedDonations to join this project! ------------------------------------------
  5. Hello TSusers! TSU is here more than 6 months. The first moments of harassment are away. I just realized that the blogs from the first time when TSU started are inactive. This is opportunity for you. Create your own blog in your country now. Choose one or two biggest and most known blogs, especially when the blogs interact with others blogs. You have to set the titles and descriptions of your pages for search engines like Google. And that s it. You get the visitors and possibly some new children. Now it s the right time to start 2nd surge, when the people from 1st surge are inactive
  6. Hi all! I wonder how many Children did you get from this website?
  7. Have you thought about your brand? Make your page, my band and advertise everywhere. My brand TSU is done these days and put on the net. See an idea, you can make for yourself. In addition to ideas, there are tips for TSU. http://zeljko.branded.me/ This is my page, and do not forget - it's free.
  8. I have withdrawn this competition because there is a strong incentive to post as much as possible on these forums to be in the top 3 posters each day. However I would still like to continue in giving you children, I have just made few improvements... Today's 3 Random Posters get FREE Children: Rules: Check here the list of today's posters. Every day between 21:00 GMT and 23:00 GMT (London time), I will check this list and I will pick up 3 random users who will get FREE Children. Please keep in mind that your posts should be USEFUL, INTERESTING and VALUABLE for others. I am the one who
  9. "No More Tears is non-profit organization with a mission to recsue victims of human trafficking and domestic violence." (tsu quote) tsu profile: https://www.tsu.co/NOMORETEARS website: http://www.nmtproject.org/
  10. According to this post - https://www.tsu.co/RexDow/35313826, Ian Jopson said: Sebastian Sobczak also messaged me yesterday... "btw we're going to be rolling out w a new notification system in a couple weeks where it will be easier for everyone to keep in touch w their kiddies"
  11. Hi everybody, I think it is good to check out other social media platforms as well. When platforms are new, people are reading more than on older saturated platforms. When you leave a footprint with your Tsu-invite on newer platforms 'early' adopters can be found greetings and have a nice week. Here are some other platforms to also consider: seen.is ello.com www.twii.me (testing this week) thedropon.com (testing this week) this.cm (testing this week)
  12. Found this post and it really says a lot! [had to insert paragraphs and highlited some of the important things ] By Matthew Hammersley @matthammer " (...) comments going around about follow for follow, let's work together to make money, blah blah blah...they're still SPAM!!! These posts are NOT interesting, they are NOT original, and they will NOT inspire people to follow you. Sure...they may help you snag a few followers...but they will not help you keep them. Getting followers means nothing if you cannot retain them. Instead of blasting follow for follow over every post
  13. "We believe that we should create a world where no child goes to bed hungry. Just as important, we believe that with your help we can." - (tsu quote) tsu profile - https://www.tsu.co/feedthechildren website - http://www.feedthechildren.org/ Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/feedthechildren Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/feedthechildrenorg YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCML3U4GC_6qsDZhlssl0awg Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/feedthechildren
  14. How to get 10 Children in 3 simple steps: !!! NO LONGER ACTIVE !!! 1. Register on this website 2. Publish at least 1 unique post (at least 60 words) 3. Create your signature (see the rules for Signature)... And see your Children growing! Don't forget to share this tutorial with your Children -> Testimonials Do not spam your invitation code - the only one place you can promote your code is your SIGNATURE Please keep in mind following: Unique means: something genuine, something that is interesting, useful, or helpful for others. (no spam please). Messages like 'nic
  15. Places to advertise: Strong Business Alberta British Columbia Manitoba - Free Local Classified Ads Site Promotion Kiev, website promotion Kiev, Ukraine. backpage.com - - PennySaverUSA itsmymarket.com - classifieds, local news, community events Log in - Classified Ads Registration Success- Classifieds For Free craigslist: choose new password eBay Classifieds: My Ads Free Local Classified Ads Everywhere registration is required, but is free advertising. A small suggestion: if you feel better you specify a single password for all classifieds. This should be the most visited classifieds
  16. For me, the biggest improvement that can be made on Tsu is the ability to manage Connections - eg 1. Friends - couple of issues - you can't see when they've last been active, you can't sort the list alphabetically, you can't see when someone has changed their @shortname, etc, you can't add a note to their information 2. Following - again you can see the last time they were active, you can't sort the list alphabetically, you can't add a note to their information 3. Tree Management - as above plus you can't see without opening which have added children, etc 4. Pending Friend Requests
  17. Hi Tomas and first of all: Thank you for your efforts to make this forum and give each one of us some offspring . No idea how it works but you make traffic happen so thank you alot . My question is if we will keep getting children or does it stop here? i ask because me getting sunscribers via my link took only about two or three hours and then it stopped for good.
  18. Go to home page On the left-hand side you have the Trends. Click to change. Will open a new window in the middle of the screen, in it you type the name of the city. (Eg. Madrid) Once you have confirmed and the window is closed, the left-hand side you have Madrid. Click to Madrid. We've all results for Madrid.Now back to the left-hand side click on timelines. Here they are all from Madrid are there, we choose .... Real and click on them or any other timeline, private .... can any. Now click on their picture to open the full profile, and then click on the "tweet to real m
  19. To set a good post on TSU often use a variety of programs. My desire is to publish them here and comment. We learn from each other, let's communities. Here I suggest editing software, easy to use and free. Jing I use, and below you can see one of the ideas. Be creative and I hope that will help you grow your network. (P.S. on page Download the first link ). Here's an example of what it looks like picture decorated with this program.
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