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Found 5 results

  1. Here you can share your best posts on tsu. If you have something you would like to show others here, start new topic and show us! We can then help you with sharing your post or we can add you as a friend if we like your profile. That's an opportunity for you to promote your profile and content If you need to know how to get an specific URL for tsu post, read this topic. PLEASE ADD 1 URL PER POST (WE WANT TO SEE THE BEST OF YOUR BEST, NOT THE LIST OF URLS )
  2. Here I will share the best users on tsu. At first, I will create the list of the most followed and affluent people on tsu. Then, you can always comment with your ideas and we can improve this list. I don't want to make the list ordered by numbers. I think it can be confusing, so I just will place the people in order that comes on my mind. It doesn't represent the true position or popularity of the users. Keep that in mind. List of the biggest tsu users: Sebastian Sobczak - Probably the most important person on tsu, the founder itself Kevin Hinkle - you don't know him yet? Jon Dunn Earth We ar
  3. You can share all the big, popular or interesting people on tsu here. I want to make all the good people in one place, so we can all see the Best of the Best here Please start a new topic for every person.
  4. ( i'am a new user) https://www.tsu.co/Samaalir/32701776
  5. Hi, the poll is anonymous, so you can share your best daily income up to date / until now
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