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  1. from message from my friends: ban and many others to, one Guy over there had a network of 12000 on here and they banned him for listing about 3 tags, tsu is crap uh as I said only on here to build my network over there lol
  2. people getting ban coz of posting about 3TAG
  3. hmmm, interesting, maybe the payment has to be more improve or they just scan you if you didnt use something bad..
  4. Now we have 12 shares I guess, only saw this info, havent still tried it.
  5. Pinterest button again works and now it s much better. It s faster and it scans really everything so I post at once my pic from TSU to Pinterest and Twitter. Goood.
  6. I thought we get some update in March, so I hope in April, omg, if TSU had some good and easy features, people would stay and be active. It s not so big deal to make groups, paypal, edit button, FFM - FriendsFollowersManager . I dont uderstand so much this attitude. Is like you can buy really good meat but you dont have good grill for hit hahaha
  7. aha, so possibly I can get ban? You know, it s no problem, coz I am a little sick of my inactive Friends and Followers. I can create another account, get 1000 Followers in week and maybe I will have more views than now We really need #FFM #FriendsFollowersManager
  8. Guys, you know, 3TAG = Pinterest + Payment, TSU = Twitter (a little FB) + Payment. It means that 3TAGs isnt social network, TSU is. If you dont want to money, the reason to use TSU is kick FB and Twitter Who wants to try 3tags, I am there cca 14 days, go there over link http://3tags.org/invite/8xY3 I only tried it, for 300 views I got 0,1$, so 1$/day is possible even at the beginning. Dont forget TSU is social network, FB and Twitter sux and they selling us and our content.
  9. @antlong spilled his coffee into keyboard..
  10. I think you have to wait at least one week... dont hurry
  11. it s easy, click on "here" and there is the mail or if your account was flooded by many friends, create new account - best choice without 5000 Friends, think twice, who do you accept
  12. you didnt know Yourlaks Kitaristas? One of the best TSUsers...
  13. I v just today realized that Yourlaks banned/left ...
  14. Hey, this is the first time I see some sponsored link in my profile. What about you?
  15. good point, I wrote this suggestion to TSU 2 months ago and still nothing...
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