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  1. TSU_Czech_Network

    A Tsu clone?

    from message from my friends: ban and many others to, one Guy over there had a network of 12000 on here and they banned him for listing about 3 tags, tsu is crap uh as I said only on here to build my network over there lol
  2. TSU_Czech_Network

    A Tsu clone?

    people getting ban coz of posting about 3TAG
  3. TSU_Czech_Network

    New competition - guess how many Followings stay

    hmmm, interesting, maybe the payment has to be more improve or they just scan you if you didnt use something bad..
  4. TSU_Czech_Network

    12 Shares per day

    Now we have 12 shares I guess, only saw this info, havent still tried it.
  5. TSU_Czech_Network

    Pinterest button broken

    Pinterest button again works and now it s much better. It s faster and it scans really everything so I post at once my pic from TSU to Pinterest and Twitter. Goood.
  6. TSU_Czech_Network

    New competition - guess how many Followings stay

    I thought we get some update in March, so I hope in April, omg, if TSU had some good and easy features, people would stay and be active. It s not so big deal to make groups, paypal, edit button, FFM - FriendsFollowersManager . I dont uderstand so much this attitude. Is like you can buy really good meat but you dont have good grill for hit hahaha
  7. TSU_Czech_Network

    Following more than 1000

    aha, so possibly I can get ban? You know, it s no problem, coz I am a little sick of my inactive Friends and Followers. I can create another account, get 1000 Followers in week and maybe I will have more views than now We really need #FFM #FriendsFollowersManager
  8. TSU_Czech_Network

    A Tsu clone?

    Guys, you know, 3TAG = Pinterest + Payment, TSU = Twitter (a little FB) + Payment. It means that 3TAGs isnt social network, TSU is. If you dont want to money, the reason to use TSU is kick FB and Twitter Who wants to try 3tags, I am there cca 14 days, go there over link http://3tags.org/invite/8xY3 I only tried it, for 300 views I got 0,1$, so 1$/day is possible even at the beginning. Dont forget TSU is social network, FB and Twitter sux and they selling us and our content.
  9. TSU_Czech_Network


    @antlong spilled his coffee into keyboard..
  10. TSU_Czech_Network

    Your account has been banned.

    I think you have to wait at least one week... dont hurry
  11. TSU_Czech_Network

    Your account has been banned.

    it s easy, click on "here" and there is the mail or if your account was flooded by many friends, create new account - best choice without 5000 Friends, think twice, who do you accept
  12. TSU_Czech_Network

    Top Tsu users getting banned?

    you didnt know Yourlaks Kitaristas? One of the best TSUsers...
  13. TSU_Czech_Network

    Top Tsu users getting banned?

    I v just today realized that Yourlaks banned/left ...
  14. Hey, this is the first time I see some sponsored link in my profile. What about you?
  15. TSU_Czech_Network

    We need Notification for Replies

    good point, I wrote this suggestion to TSU 2 months ago and still nothing...