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  1. This is what I try and do as well. I'm fearful to ever go above 1,000
  2. Not trying to compete at all with these forums. Love it here. Just want to gather spiritual, open-minded, and creative people together to have a place to discuss those topics (:
  3. I think what happened is that TSU thought they could make more money from other advertising partners so they decided to not use the basic "Google Adsense." When there site boomed at first, it seemed to be a great idea because they were probably making more from advertisers, but now with TSU not being as popular in the beginning, they are probably trying out Google Adsense to see if that pays better because I don't think advertisers are paying as much as they were in the beginning of TSU. Just my theory.....I may be completely wrong
  4. Hey everyone, just wanted to show you all a contest we have going on until May 1st. http://www.ouramazingworld.org/tsu/our-amazing-world-tsu-contest1 Thanks !
  5. Its honestly surprising to note that there were not more inactive users !
  6. Can't wait for the edit feature to come to TSU. I'm honestly humbled that we all get to be part of this incredible opportunity together.
  7. Can't thank you enough Tomas. With this website you run and me getting a child who is getting a lot of children, this has all been a blessing! (:
  8. She is from my hometown, so I just told her about the opportunity that TSU provides and got her to sign up (:
  9. Guys, I'm pretty excited to announce that I have a child that has a reach of 200k plus on instagram.... https://www.tsu.co/HaleyJade For anyone who wants to follow or welcome her to TSU ! (:
  10. How many children you think you've got from this ? I'm tempted to start trying but Pinterest is a whole new world for me lol
  11. Noticed the same thing on my page. I had a very small day, and then a huge day yesterday as far as revenue is concerned....
  12. "fb is more zombie like than those tsombie comments" Greatest thing I've heard all day, literally lmao
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