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  1. In "Discover users" I only can FOLLOW or UNFOLLOW a user, I should like to see the user's profile first before I follow someone.
  2. Most popular GIF on my TSU Warerfall https://www.tsu.co/dobroman1/44135286
  3. My best post today 03-05-2015 https://www.tsu.co/dobroman1/44577440
  4. Ton

    Tsuen in je eigen taal

    Het is hier erg rustig, het wil mij maar niet lukken om Nederlanders zich aan te laten melden op Tsu, houden vast aan Facebook en ja wat men niet kent Ik gebruik IBOtoolbox om Stu te promoten, is een geweldige site en alles is gratis te gebruiken, maar tot nu toe heb ik maar 19 children waarvan de meest inactief Iemand hier nog andere suggesties ?
  5. I tried it and it works great, simple, thank you for sharing this tip
  6. My Earnings 03-03-2015
  7. I found this interesting article from aPhotografer on a blog called Unfoccused by Bill Tiepelman, a must Read http://www.unfocussed.com/everything-need-know-get-started-tsu/
  8. Tsu Goes Mainstream on ABC News LINK World News Videos | US News Videos How to Make Money on Your Social Media Posts New social media site Tsu pays you every time you share your selfies, upload a video, or update your status via ABC News Post Tagged with ABC News, Kevin Hinkle, Sebastian Sobczak, Tsu.co
  9. In a digital age where more and more people are using the internet to connect, share and earn extra income, the concept of copyright infringement continues to be a huge conversation. Read more on TsuExpert
  10. This is a great site with helpful information about Tsu http://tsu.expert/
  11. You can only edit your your picture if it is not yet posted, or am I wrong ? How can Pinterest members see your pictures on Tsu if they are not registered When I click on the image on Pinterest I go to the Invite screen
  12. To prevent that your own material is copied and posted on Tsu by someone else (copyright infringement). ,
  13. Hoe kan ik een watermerk aan mijn fotos toevoegen in Lightroom ? https://helpx.adobe.com/nl/lightroom/help/using-watermark-editor.html
  14. To prevent that your content is stolen you can Watermark your Photos in Lightroom4, I found this instructive Video on Youtube by Matthew Gore >http://youtu.be/m6ebgcX6Hkc
  15. I suggest that you ad the #originalcontent to your post if you are the content creator and it's also easier searching for this kind content.
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