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  1. welcome to tsuforum hope you have fun and learn some new stuff good luck
  2. i didn't understand what the new service do ? ")
  3. it open but i don't see anything new :")
  4. miley cyrus face damn you luck man <\3 i didn't see something like that in my pro
  5. wow great news every single day he grow more and more
  6. i don't understand why we need to vote for these girls ?
  7. oh that great news , i mean really ! , i hope they will make post limit 40 or more ! ") thanks steevc
  8. that not fair i'm sure you do nothing wrong ! hope the will answer you
  9. yes that great new we really need edit !!! i hope to add group too
  10. yep she use follow traffic ! she follow you and after you follow back she unfollow you ! and after 24 hour she follow you back again !!
  11. اhis lucky some people made 100$ in less than month and other made 1$ :""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""")
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