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  1. Welcome Antlong Nice to see a tsu staff member on this forum !
  2. Welcome on TsuForum, Jernej, I think your idea is great, and will drive audience to your wall
  3. I send tips and tutorial to my new children in french/ english language. but only send tsuforum link to the active ones .
  4. I saw in a post that some users were automatically banned recently (no human intervention) Perhaps a glitch in the tsu "antispam" algorithm.
  5. Same Here ! I saw some posts about this issue on tsu. We are not alone
  6. Same here, I copied paste my friend list in an excel sheet, verified and saw half of them became inactive during last month (I saw a drop in my views stats lately). I unfriend all users who were inactive for the last 15 days and try to gain more active followers/ friends. Hope it can help to get more views
  7. My earning graph for the last month
  8. Great news ! Paypal option will make payments more easy. I've read in a post that some users received cheques with the name mentioned in "first name/ last name" area ! Take care if you use something other than your real Name
  9. Hi, My earning Today : $0.27 thanks to my new children... Hope it will continue to grow
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