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  1. Hi guys i need help! i don't know what's wrong with tsu, but i found that 02/23/2015 Royalty distribution is $0.00 ? Has anybody else had a similar problem?
  2. Welcome Rose, can you tell us, please, where r u from , things u love , what are your Interests ... ​
  3. i have just seen that Soufiane ElBahri Administrator Page @Sidna has received a check today, and i think his in Morocco ( my country ) !
  4. سفيان البحري مدير صفحة الملك محمد السادس هو أول شخص في العالم العربي يحصل على شيك من موقع تسو، وهو الشيك الذي أحببت التبرع به هذا الأسبوع للخيرية المغربية لليتامى بمدينة سلا @SoufianeElBahri Administrator Page @Sidna is the first user in Arab World, who get a check from Tsu and We will donate it to Orphan Charity in Morocco this week. in just 25 day !!
  5. And What about Payoneer ?
  6. id didn't work with my page , i have already test it
  7. What is the purpose of connecting your page facebook whit tsu ?
  8. How do I use tsu for earning / marketing without it turning into just a load of spam ?
  9. Congratulations to all winners, i wish i was with u xD
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