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  1. App vs pc. If I want to post a link with a picture I have to do it on the Pc, The app won't do it. And if I go to my browser on my phone/tab I can't make such a post if the App is also installed. Since the last update (I think) it goes straight to the app, and I don't want that, because than I can't past the link with picture. Also editing options in the App, I probably want to much, but I want to be able to choose another text type for my pictures, like on the pc. And ofcourse: Tsu please let us edit our posts, I can understand why they wouldn't want us to do that after a week or so, but we need the option to edit typo's
  2. Last week a video was posted explaining how to earn on Tsu. From what this video told me, all we know is wrong. It doesn't matter how much you like, share, comment, it doesn't make anything unless it's on your wall. Quote I found on Tsu: Today I read this: i just heard about the new software coming out. and only using original content will get paid. no memes ( which I had posted a bunch) will get paid So I'm wondering, if what he says in the video is true, and it sounds logical, then why was I making cents just posting pictures? I'm posting original content now, get more comments, but not making more than when I was posting 'just' images. (I did make more posts) It's not about making money for me (not really) If that's what's kept me going, I am very easily satisfied. I just like Tsu and Tsuing, I just feel there is a whole lot of misinformation out there, so I'm just wondering..... Earnings are not generated from engaging, engaging creates goodwill, so engage to get people to visit your wall. Earnings are only generated from people engaging on your and your childrens posts. And according to the quote, this will only be for real original content (so no more internet pics) I don't know if I'm getting this right. What are your thoughts on that?
  3. i've noticed that most of the people I interact with are just at opposite sides of the clock. But since I'm active morning and evening, that's not really a problem. But I understand that's not possible for everyone. And sometimes the 'window' is too small. So I had to let some interesting people go
  4. I'm closing in on friends, but that is just too much. there is no way you can keep track of all those people. Imagine them all being active.... Been planning to clean out for some time now. I use the 'birthday' method for now, because if I have to go by all these profiles, it's just too long a job.
  5. Maybe Confluencemedia just means he's merry, like Robin Hood's man? hihi Gay as in happy
  6. can't wait to see those adds (can't believe I'm saying this )
  7. Nanni

    Tsu on timeout

    It's fairly busy now, it has it's ups and downs. I prefer the ups, when I'm not feeling down
  8. Nanni

    Recovery girl

    en @belgie ;-) ik ben blij dat je de nodige steun vindt op Tsu. Je ei al ergens kwijt kunnen, is al veel waard. Volhouden hoor
  9. You all have +20c a day... I've only reached this once (I was posting so much i felt like I was spamming). Got to procreate a lot more I guess
  10. It remains a mystery to me lol And I can only dream of having that many greatgrandchildren, but hey, who knows Staying positive
  11. Nanni

    Tsuen in je eigen taal

    Belgje in kwestie is goed ziek geweest , stilaan terug op appél Maar inderdaad, zelfde probleem, veel kindjes bijgekregen, maar slecht zeer weinig actief, tja, afwachten maar hé. Begin trouwens ook een paar van mijn originele vriendjes te missen..... (en die gingen toch al een paar maand mee, misschien is het sop er wat vanaf, afwachten dus)
  12. If he is letting people pay him to promote them, I doubt he's the only one. But he probably is the most famous (notorious) one You can donate to who ever you like, charity, to help someone out or for you own gain. I think I've seen this being mentionned before (giving away cents just to help people out, which was a scam according to Antony Long, because you can't donate less than 1 dollar.) I don't see how this is different than shoutouts. The promotion in question is useless if the person who pays isn't interesting, so they still have to make an effort. Same with advertising you have new kids, if those kids don't do anything.... Also, it's not because you ask people to give someone extra attention, that they will. So if he is getting paid, I think he's just using the system. But I get why people would start to resent him for it
  13. Elza, how do you know for sure that the 4th level doesn't bring you anything. Earlier this week I read that it is in fact the 4th level user that has the most to gain. We still can only speculate
  14. I get 'the personal touch' but I would also prefer a more 'global' announcement, since we are not all friends of everyone. There is no way we can keep track of a wall that is flooding with a lot of useless info. Some of us do have daytime jobs we need to spend some time on
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