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  1. Alex oopsie

    David Acevedo Jr - 1 Million Network

    thats a big one ...omg!!
  2. Alex oopsie

    The only site where 'Offline for Maintenance' makes me happy!

    its down again 503 Service Unavailable
  3. Alex oopsie

    tsu chat funktie

    hoi nederlandse tsuers voor alle chatters heb ik een linkje waarbij je een chatfunktie aktiveerd in tsu het werkt alleen nog met firefox en chrome.. http://www.extensionsbox.com/?tsu
  4. Alex oopsie

    Tsu Chat function

    i want to share with you a Tsu chat plugin/extension for chrome web browser and the firefox web browser it works the same as on facebook just folow the link and choose your browser for tsu chat. http://www.extensionsbox.com/?tsu
  5. Alex oopsie

    My most shared today was

  6. Alex oopsie

    Netherlandish / Dutch

    ik kan tegelijkertijd wel op webbrowser en op de app van mn telefoon..met 2 browsers nog niet geprobeerd.
  7. Alex oopsie

    beginners guide for tsu.

    i found this on the internet and want to share this link maybe there is some usefull content inside. http://www.scottbuehler.com/social-media/tsu-guide/
  8. Alex oopsie

    tips to convert followers into engagers

  9. Alex oopsie

    tsu share limit

    when i am behind my computer and not on my mobile ,the limits are over before i know it it goes so fast 8 shares in a few minutes 22 post, and 1000 likes is also nothing how many comments can you put down?? cause i hit that limit to
  10. Alex oopsie

    Today's 3 Random Posters get FREE Children

    this is a good initiative ...i like
  11. Alex oopsie

    alex oopsie

    hello i am alex i am from holland and enjoying tsu for 1 month now i like to post pretty pictures you can find me @ www.tsu.co/oopsie hope to see you there soon....