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  1. New Children ! Congrats: sjofre jburbage Be_Free_
  2. Would be nice if they combine more things like shares and people who joined your network in one line in your notifications.
  3. Wow 4 winners today ! Thanks Congrats also to steevc ecsnead3 FanZine
  4. Found the Tsu font already @JUMOWA ?
  5. That is great news ! Better then all the handwritten checks. Still a long way too go to my first $100
  6. Yes @ecsnead3 invite your kids to this forum
  7. Hebben de Nederlandstaligen er nog een beetje lol van, van Tsu ? Heb aardig wat kinderen ontvangen via dit forum maar bijna geen een blijft langer dan een paar dagen actief
  8. >http://youtu.be/bZ5j3hnZC1c The commercial, The song: http://youtu.be/XpbTI4zN1FY
  9. Thank you for the children ! Yesterday and today a few "kids" joined my network ! This is a nice bonus of being a member of this Tsuforum The few kids became a lot of new kids
  10. I replied on Ant Longs post why i not always get a message when my parent post. Thanks for telling about Ant Longs post steevc
  11. Another guy who makes $ 82 in one day and a total of more then $ 2000 His followers buy it, deceiver ! https://www.tsu.co/Johannesjakob/35372305
  12. Again a winner, didn't see many new children show up yesterday so i am happy with today's 2nd change Congrats also: LeonTsu Tsutechnology
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