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  1. Yes 1 post is enough to get banned
  2. Another strange thing to me is... tsu says your content belongs to you, to the users.... but I no longer have access to my content because of banning, because they have a 'intellectual property' issue with another network. Legaly, it's stealing. Because other users can still view my content and the views and bank now belongs to tsu, not to me.
  3. I cannot read Dexters statement. But here is what I think: If one social network has copyright or Intellectual Property issues with another network, they should deal with it between themselves. Right now they are 'sacrificing' their own users because they post about 3tags. That's liking blaming a child for it's parents mistake. It is going to split up the community and it will end into a mouse and cat game. It is at cost of the users!
  4. I have no words about censorship.... but maybe that's what censorship is all about.
  5. Steve, the biggest advantage of 3tags over tsu is that it has views from the outside. If you create a good article with markup like H1 tags, images and bold, italic and stuff, Google will find that and value that. And so will advertisers. It could be interesting to do some research on the advertising systems both platforms are using. I wouldn't be surprised that more is payed for an add per 1000 views if the content (marked up post with H1 tags etc) is better. It's not only the number of views but also the quality of views.
  6. Awesome calculating JUMOWA, are you on Facebook, can you send me a friend request? https://www.facebook.com/elza.v.swieten
  7. They will have to ban a lot of people, more and more are flocking to 3tags and put their link in their profile Jumowa are you on Facebook? Join https://www.facebook.com/groups/758275457619772/
  8. yes I used that guide together with this one http://3tags.org/article/how-to-post-killer-blogs-on-3tags From Dexter Roona
  9. Look at this http://3tags.org/article/3tags-earnings-in-4-days If you put some effort in H1 tags, and other markup, add some images in your post, share it on your G+ account then - BOOM - Indexed within 20 minutes to 1 hour. Check Google: I used the keywords '3TAGS earnings' in my post: Link Google
  10. it is awesome, SEO wise..... moneywise..... tsu has a problem
  11. It has adopted (or copied) the same payment model as Tsu it seems
  12. Please share my post https://www.tsu.co/ConfluenceMedia/44606254about the misunderstanding about bots
  13. I am just reading this on a post under Dexters wall which proves to me that Tsu is mistaken about the bots, and use bots as an excuse to ban people: TsuFanZine... I ALSO GOT BANNED FOR a similar nn.. I was culling my friends list of all the inactives eg opening up to around 30 at a time to view their posts and see when they had last been active. II was trying to do the right thing and support people who were active. I have given up ongetting reinstated.
  14. What worries me most is that they try to let him confess to have used bots which is against TOS. I doubt he did, so they are covering up flaws in their own software. The tsu software is updated, no gain anymore from scrolling your own page. I want to note that people seeing increase in their bank by intensive scrolling their own page (not just scrolling to look something up, but scrolling intensively) could have reported this to tsu. It's a flaw in their software and they have had it 'tested' for free, most are being unbanned now, except for Dexter.
  15. I have followed all the stories on the banning and what it comes down to is they scrolled their own timeline, or other peoples timeline (like bombing) to increase views. Tsu banned them because they 'violated TOS' but at that time scrolling as not forbidden. Tsu makes it seem that they weren't manually scrolling but using bot's, which, from what I read is not the case. Dexter is one of the last that is still banned. Please read his own story about it here: https://www.tsu.co/ConfluenceMedia/43804878 And please help bring him back by sharing this: https://www.tsu.co/RosieH/44511093 (Dexters origional story pasted also here:) SO WHY AM I BANNED? i wanted to clear the air and say why i have not been on Tsu recently. Well im currently banned from Tsu, a few key people were also banned, some are already back a few of us remain banned. So why was i banned? well the official line on this is that i used a bot to enhance my hits and earnings …… more on this in a bit …. before i get to that i want to say a few things as to why im angry with everything that has gone down so far and give you some background so you can decide if you think im the criminal mastermind they think i am …… you all know me im the helpful guy who is far to active on tsu, who posts content to help. Well around 14 days ago i reached my first $100 so i cashed out …. i spoke with Alex LePere and he advised that i could get paid via Paypal as i was in the uk …… from day 1 it had been my intention to build something big on Tsu, i wanted 100000 followers, i wanted to make Tsu my social media home, i was working hard …. far to hard at the detriment to my blog sites, but it was working and i was growing here, with almost 7000 followers, 435 children and a 10000 network and i wanted to get to cashout so that i could get paid and so prove the system worked for me so that i could then move on in confidence and show people, because its one thing to say you will pay people to be social, it’s a another to actually do it so i wanted to prove the system for me to have confidence…. the next part of the plan was to then just keep going and donate 50% of what i earned to charity. A few days later my Green Verified Tick was removed …… some weeks before i had requested to have my page verified and it was but then after i requested payment it was mysteriously removed …… i spoke with Alex LePere and he told me that i had never been Verified….. so i SCROLLED MY PAGE more on that later to find a number of posts i had made that showed i had been verified …… he then told me that support agreed with me that i had indeed been verified and it had been removed ….. so my first question is why lie to me? my check was removed, you took it, so you knew i had been verified so why lie to me? I asked for the tick back and Alex said no because you do not qualify, yet there are lots of members who are verified and do not qualify …. so i said well why did you verify me and he just said that was an error and he apologised on behalf of Tsu. I then said well this doesnt matter anyway because of the emails sent out saying that when you get to $100 you can get your account verified ….. the reply to this was those emails we incorrect and you cant get verified that way. He then went onto say on a better note your payment has been okayed and you will be paid this afternoon (Friday 20th) …. i explained that the tick actually meant more than the money because i wasn't there for money and i asked again for it back and was again refused and got another apology …… no payment came, i sent Alex another email on Monday with no reply and again on Tues with no reply and then on Weds i got a reply saying sorry for the delay your account has been flagged you will be contacted in a day or so maybe even as early as this after noon (weds 25th) …… i was really, really angry at this and went to make a post saying i was taking a break from Tsu until this was all cleared up, but in the time it to to make the post and send it i was banned and my second page was banned…… I was banned along with Jess, Jason, Uwe , Cakez, Roman and a couple of others i don’t know. Jason is actually one of the mobile App Beta Testers and he was still banned, he found lots of bugs that he reported yet he was banned. I got an email saying suspicious activity with 5 reasons why i possibly could have been banned, none of which applied. So why was i banned? well im accused of using a bot to gain views ….. which is nonsense, i spoke with@sebastian on the 26th via skype, he wanted my side of the story as to why i was banned ….. and i just said i don’t know why i was and he told me i was basically using a bot to get views and i wasn’t, the call lasted around 20 mins, he wanted me to confess to something that i believed i had not done ….. he asked if i had scrolled my page i said i had, only to find my old content to re post and he continued to ask me about my bot and again i said i didn't have one he then went onto to talk about un following people, he said you have followed and un followed a lot of people and i said yes i have thats how you grow your followers fast, there is nothing in the terms about doing this, and again he asked me about my bot …….. he basically did not believe i was telling the truth, he could see some information on my page logs, some strange number or code before entries that pointed towards bot activity …… but the whole conversation had been about views and not followers so there was a connection that i had not yet made ….. more on that in a bit. The next day (Fri 27th) Jason, Uwe, and Jess got their pages back ….. Roma , Cakez and myself remain banned. I then started to think of what i could have done that would appear as a bot ….. and then it dawned on me ….. i had started using a Google Chrome Extension called ….. LinkClump …. i spoke to Christine DeGraff an asked if this could of been seen as a bot and she confirmed what i thought and said yes …… so what is LinkClump and what does it do….. LinkClump allows you to open multiple links. i was using it on my friends page which is why i believe that Sebastian had mentioned un following in our call. what i was doing was going to my friends page right clicking and pulling down over 10 or so friends and opening them as new tabs and then clicking through to see when they were last active and then un friending if they were in active, i basically had a fast way to do this otherwise, it is painfully slow doing this one at a time …. all i was doing was un friending inactives ….. this is what i think they were seeing as bot activity? i dunno if not then i still don’t know why So i think i got myself banned for enhancing and speeding up my user experience and i had just not connected it with what Sebastian was asking me in our conversation and so i am labeled as a cheat an a liar …… So onto scrolling ….. did i scroll? yes i did everyone does, comment bombing, like blitz’s its all scrolling …. i went further because i scrolled my page to find old posts to re post….. i also did this on my Infobunny page and that is also banned ……. So finally some observations …… i believe everyone who was banned has been treated incredibly badly, we could have just been investigated without being banned because all that did was just label us as cheats and put huge question marks on our heads when in reality the discovery of scrolling and how this action enhanced your views was good for Tsu, we should be thanked for bringing this to light….. but in doing so we have probably gained a lot more haters because sorry guys you all just got a pay cut, its now even harder to get to $100 So am i a criminal mastermind with my 2 accounts and charity page newly created? the InfoBunny page was okayed by @antlong Did i scroll? yes Did i use a bot? possibly I am still owed $100 in legitimate earnings! So what now? well i don’t know, can i comeback from this? well it is possible ….. do i want to comeback? Yes and No ….. yes cause i do like the site, i have made some great friends No because i have been lied to and been called a cheat and its just not true. There also seems to be 2 sets of rules running around on tsu where some people are untouchable and i am uncomfortable with that. One final observation ….. Tsu has missed a major trick in their latest media campaign rather than having a poster boy in Kevin Hinkle they should have had@JessBlevins and her Spin Challenge as their poster girl rather than hanging her out to dry. One final point ….. the whole Verified Check issue actually features more in this post than the scrolling and bot activity because it means more to me than the nonsense i have been accused of …..the reality is, i was lied to and then a few days later accused of cheating. Im banned having brought in 435 members with a Network of 10000+ bye everyone Regards Dexter
  16. I must say... my timeline is getting more and more attractive with things I want to see and read instead of endless landscaping stuff.
  17. I made it to the end of my friends list! 1200 friends left, I only checked on activity. I am also weeding out friends that only post nature posts that look copyrighted and have no title or text above them. So on activity only, a reduction of almost 50% ................
  18. bij mij is de rek er een beetje uit, maar ik geef het nog niet op
  19. Echo, is er nog leven in de tent? Spiritual Marketeer is weg en Alex oopsie is gebanned.
  20. I haven't been to my follow list yet, and I see you found a gif animator, lol, your eyes look scary man!
  21. I am removing inactive accounts from my friends list, it's quit a job and it's painful to see how many left the building, I am trying to stay positive, lol, not easy I went from 2200 to 1700 now, still not finished, at least 1/4 has become inactive in the last 2 weeks. How are you experiencing this?
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