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  1. Yes 1 post is enough to get banned
  2. Another strange thing to me is... tsu says your content belongs to you, to the users.... but I no longer have access to my content because of banning, because they have a 'intellectual property' issue with another network. Legaly, it's stealing. Because other users can still view my content and the views and bank now belongs to tsu, not to me.
  3. I cannot read Dexters statement. But here is what I think: If one social network has copyright or Intellectual Property issues with another network, they should deal with it between themselves. Right now they are 'sacrificing' their own users because they post about 3tags. That's liking blaming a child for it's parents mistake. It is going to split up the community and it will end into a mouse and cat game. It is at cost of the users!
  4. I have no words about censorship.... but maybe that's what censorship is all about.
  5. Steve, the biggest advantage of 3tags over tsu is that it has views from the outside. If you create a good article with markup like H1 tags, images and bold, italic and stuff, Google will find that and value that. And so will advertisers. It could be interesting to do some research on the advertising systems both platforms are using. I wouldn't be surprised that more is payed for an add per 1000 views if the content (marked up post with H1 tags etc) is better. It's not only the number of views but also the quality of views.
  6. Awesome calculating JUMOWA, are you on Facebook, can you send me a friend request? https://www.facebook.com/elza.v.swieten
  7. They will have to ban a lot of people, more and more are flocking to 3tags and put their link in their profile Jumowa are you on Facebook? Join https://www.facebook.com/groups/758275457619772/
  8. yes I used that guide together with this one http://3tags.org/article/how-to-post-killer-blogs-on-3tags From Dexter Roona
  9. Look at this http://3tags.org/article/3tags-earnings-in-4-days If you put some effort in H1 tags, and other markup, add some images in your post, share it on your G+ account then - BOOM - Indexed within 20 minutes to 1 hour. Check Google: I used the keywords '3TAGS earnings' in my post: Link Google
  10. it is awesome, SEO wise..... moneywise..... tsu has a problem
  11. It has adopted (or copied) the same payment model as Tsu it seems
  12. Please share my post https://www.tsu.co/ConfluenceMedia/44606254about the misunderstanding about bots
  13. I am just reading this on a post under Dexters wall which proves to me that Tsu is mistaken about the bots, and use bots as an excuse to ban people: TsuFanZine... I ALSO GOT BANNED FOR a similar nn.. I was culling my friends list of all the inactives eg opening up to around 30 at a time to view their posts and see when they had last been active. II was trying to do the right thing and support people who were active. I have given up ongetting reinstated.
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