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  1. LeonTsu

    tsu font?

    I am sure that Sebastian will answer the question soon. You can also ask the question on your page.
  2. I agree with 1 & 3 but i think hashtags are impotant to be found and to find the subjects i find interesting. It is the way to meet people with the "same flow"
  3. Welcome Be_Free_ ! Enjoy this Tsuforum with tips & tricks about Tsu. Neem vooral ook een kijkje op het Nederlandse subforum: http://tsuforum.com/forum/34-dutch/
  4. Congratulations ! Thanks for your contribution to this forum
  5. LeonTsu

    tsu font?

    You can upload some Tsu pictures to http://www.whatfontis.com/or https://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ to get an idea which font Tsu uses, i am curious too
  6. Bij mij gaat het in mijn netwerk vandaag gelukkig wat beter, een aantal "kids" zijn actief !
  7. Maybe it would be a good idea if you could choose with a button that you can see only the posts of your children and switch that off and on. It is easy to identify the active children then
  8. Please vote all, wonderful people of Tsuforum !
  9. The King has 30.000 children since yesterday ! https://www.tsu.co/Sidna/36857409
  10. Be active and also, find those children to grow your Family tree / network
  11. Not noticed yet, but i see where you're talking about. Plastic surgery ? Just kidding Resolution on my page seems to be changed also.
  12. I got the same search result as Tomas, first page ranked as number 5
  13. There are plenty of greenheads, so they are easy to find but the ones with the profile pictures who post 2 times and then disappear forever are hard to keep track on with this kind of amounts.
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