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  1. Top Tsū Girls

    TIP: 20 Hashtags per post

    Hashtags and Mentions don't work on the title! In the text field, only 5 hashtags will show on the #hashtag search results And be careful when mention a lot of people in one post, it can get you suspended for a short time. Top Tsū Girls
  2. Top Tsū Girls

    Top Tsū Girls

    Been away for a few days, but for a good reason:
  3. Top Tsū Girls

    Hello to all from Maarty :)

    Welcome to the forum Maarty! You have a great page! Are you close to get paid? Keep it up!! Top Tsū Girls
  4. Top Tsū Girls


    Already have done that on the facebook page for TTG! www.facebook.com/toptsugirls Well done for sharing this info! Top Tsū Girls
  5. Top Tsū Girls


    I'm sure they'll make something like Pinterest Top Tsū Girls
  6. Top Tsū Girls

    Filtering the feed

    That would be excelente because I'm only following real girls (and some other top members), and having thousands of friends it's hard to find posts from the 'top girls', the only way is to go profile by profile - a big time consumer! Anxiously wainting for tsu staff to implement these ideas! Top Tsū Girls
  7. Top Tsū Girls

    Today's 3 Random Posters get FREE Children

    Awesome! Ready to give a worm welcome to the new children! A big thank you Tomas! Top Tsū Girls
  8. Top Tsū Girls

    Easy to comunicate and see our Network

    Yes it does help! But a private conversation would be much better, imo! Top Tsū Girls
  9. Top Tsū Girls

    Weeding friends list

    Off topic: Your gif is awesome Jumowa! kkkk
  10. Top Tsū Girls

    The truth hurts!

    Some people don't like to see posts with a lot of tags and/or hashtags. And you sure have a lot of text on that image! By the way, only 5 hashtags will work when inserted on posts Top Tsū Girls
  11. Top Tsū Girls

    Free Children Competition & Charity - NO LONGER ACTIVE

    That is a great idea tomas! The next page that I create will be under @UnitedDonations
  12. Top Tsū Girls

    02/23/2015 Royalty distribution $0.00 ??

    For the last couple of weeks the royalties have been arriving around 4 a.m. GMT time. On the other side, is anyone with 0 (zero) views on the Analytics? Likes and comments are working fine.. but 0 (zero) on views :s Top Tsū Girls
  13. Top Tsū Girls

    Tsū Has A New Homepage!

    yes it looks like they changed the homepage
  14. Top Tsū Girls

    Tsu need our vote!

    I did use that exactly button but I'll start uploading as the tutorial says Thanks! (can you edit the first post with the correct image code so this topic stays 'clean'? you may also delete these posts about editing )
  15. Top Tsū Girls


    Welcome to the forum the punisher! You already have a lot of friends and followers and beautiful pictures all over your page! That's great! Also anxiously waiting for the groups! Enjoy the forum! Top Tsū Girls