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  1. I think this may be your last chance to get your posts and photos. You should still be able to log in to do this. I don't know what use anyone can make of the files provided, but I think this was the least they could do after cutting us off so suddenly. I wonder if this will be left available for a little longer or if they will just shut down the domain.
  2. steevc

    My loving friends

    @Sahadat sk check out Steemit (https://steemit.com). It's similar to Tsu. You can post your videos there
  3. steevc


    You cannot as the site shut down last year. There are other sites such as 8app, Steemit and Niume where you may earn something. I've been using Steemit and I enjoy it while making a few dollars. You can read about the various sites on here. There's no referral links for Steemit, but you will find people sharing their links for the others. If you want a chat app that pays you then try the WowApp link below. As with most of these services you need to sign up lots of people who use it to make much. You don't get paid for doing nothing.
  4. steevc

    Tsu vs Facebook

    Unfortunately Tsu is dead now. There are alternatives such as 8app, Niume and Steemit. Of those I've only used Steemit so far.
  5. steevc

    Kevin Hinkle tsu

    I've made a little more from Wow lately, but still less than a cent per day on average. I gained a few more in my network, but only 39 total so far. It's not worth me spending a lot of time pushing it unless I can find a massive untapped market. Dexter who was on Tsu is posting on Steemit about 8app and saying it will be big. I've not even tried it yet and just lack the time. Steemit is still coming along nicely. There's a new way to use it via https://busy.org/, The posts (just the text) are all in the blockchain and this can be used by different sites and apps. Busy looks more like Facebook with built in image uploads which is something the Steemit site still lacks. I mostly put my images in Dropbox and use some other services too. I know that's too technical for many people. 2017 is going to be interesting.
  6. steevc

    Kevin Hinkle tsu

    I know some of them are playing with Steemit, 8app and Niume. I connected with some of them on Google+ and Twitter, so I still see their updates. Steemit is the only other site I've joined since Tsu collapsed and I'm happy there. For me it's as much about the community as the money and I've found lots of cool people. I never did too well with WowApp. I have a few contacts and a small network, but only make pennies each month.
  7. steevc

    Kevin Hinkle tsu

    I was just wondering what happened to Hinkle after Tsu. I see he's on Twitter, but with not such a massive following. He's still using hearts in his posts. Is he on any of the other paying sites?
  8. steevc

    My WowApp Shop Experience & Review

    Ah, that sounds like the Quidco site I've been using to get cashback. I'll check this out
  9. steevc

    My WowApp Shop Experience & Review

    Interesting. I don't have much credit on Wow yet, but it's great that there are places to spend it
  10. steevc

    Tsu Invitation by Tom Peace

    As you will see above Tsu is dead. People have moved on to sites like Steemit and 8app. We can discuss those on this forum.
  11. steevc

    Join me on Youface !

    Er, Tsu is dead
  12. steevc

    Join me on TSU ! (tsu invitation)

    Tsu shut down a couple of months ago when they ran out of money. See some of the other sites people are discussing here.
  13. steevc

    Last day to download your Tsu content?

    I see the Tsu site has changed again. Seems to be celebrating their achievements without saying that it actually failed in the end. I think Sebastian is trying to maintain his image for his next project. I'm sure he will bounce back, but he lost the trust of many users.
  14. steevc

    Fliiby review

    Interesting to hear your experience. I've not tried fliiby. If it's still new and fairly small then you cannot expect big rewards. Do they use an app or is it mostly web? Hypestat shows they don't get many views http://flii.by.hypestat.com/ Any site that doesn't let you control notifications will be annoying. I disabled several in Tsu so that I had some chance of seeing those that mattered to me. I enjoyed Tsu for the community I had there. I'm not going to use any site just for the money as I doubt I'll make enough to justify my time. I'm playing with Steemit and making a few dollars, but I'm not taking it out as I can use it to boost my influence there for now. There's some interesting content for me there and I get some feedback from people. I'm more interested in discussions than pictures, which seems to be the main attraction of some of the other sites that pay. I hope you can find something that works for you.
  15. steevc

    Student Professor Relationship

    This forum is for tsu the former social network, not one of the various universities with that acronym. Sorry to hear about your problems, but you'll need to find somewhere else to report it.
  16. steevc

    Last day to download your Tsu content?

    The download option is still there. The notice on the home page says you had to claim any money you were owed by 31st August. I only had about $18 in there. Has anyone claimed?
  17. steevc

    Tsu offline for Maintenance

    Don't expect Tsu to come back. Read the message on the site. The company has failed and so the site will probably go completely soon. You can download your data, but you'll only get your money if you had more than $100.
  18. steevc

    Tsu offline for Maintenance

    Tsu did Paypal, at least for those outside the US. They could have offered lower payouts, but they never really automated things, so it was a lot of work for them. I think they made a few mistakes that cost them in the end.
  19. steevc

    Tsu offline for Maintenance

    I think the model was fair. If you worked at building a network then you got paid. Of course people in the music industry or other big names had a better chance, but I know others tried their best. There's no reason for them to pay you if they get no benefit, that's business. I'm no star, but I could make a few dollars with some effort. I had 1300 in my network (partly via this forum), but very few were active. If they had been I would have made a lot more. I did my best to encourage them.
  20. steevc

    Tsu offline for Maintenance

    I don't expect a petition will do any good. They lost their funding and so the business collapsed. The only hope would be for a new investor to come in, but it may already be too late for that. You can now download your posts and pictures. There's a zip file for each month. Posts are in xml and json format, but I can't really do much with them. I have most of the pictures anyway. You don't get comments or messages from what I can see. I expect they had to provide this service as part of their terms. What's more important is that people get paid anything they are owed. I expect that those with over $100 will get the money, but anything else is lost. Some people would like to be able to donate it to charity, but that may not happen. They also need to pay out prizes for the competition. It's a sad end for a cool site. They had big ideas, but didn't manage to create the community they envisioned. I think the main failure was to not get across to people that recruiting was beneficial. When you joined up it was not obvious what to do. They were not advertising as they expected users to recruit. That didn't happen and so it didn't grow as much as they needed. Plus most of those who joined did not stay. So they did manage 5 million users, but perhaps only 1% were active. That's just not enough to make money, especially when the company only gets 10% of the advertising revenue.
  21. steevc

    Come back Tsū !!

    Sorry, but it looks like they are gone for good. They say we will be able to download some data, but I doubt this will include things like email addresses. Your best chance is to reach out on other social sites to find them there
  22. steevc

    Tsu offline for Maintenance

    Maybe we need some new threads about each of the sites that people might want to use. We can use the forum to discuss the pros and cons of each. From what I've seen none are as big as Tsu was, but they may still be growing. We've seen that a lot of people will not move from Facebook, even if there is a chance to earn money. The value is in where their friends are. I will continue to blog, but it needs to be somewhere I'll get good interaction. I want to discuss things with people. If I make money then that's a bonus. I think Tsu suffered from a lack of compelling content. People were largely just posting pretty pictures to try and get views/likes. That wasn't enough to draw others in. There are other sites that may do it better, even if they don't pay. I thought there was a chance of making some good money on Tsu if my network had been more active, but it didn't work out. Towards the end I got a child with a big following elsewhere, but he didn't manage to post anything. I'll take this opportunity to refocus on things that I am really into, e.g. making music. Tsu has taken a lot of my time over the last couple of years. I made some money, but it was also a lot of fun. Onwards to new opportunities.
  23. steevc

    Tsu offline for Maintenance

    They were living off investor money and they may have pulled out. That's how these businesses work. It's such a shame. Tsu had great potential, but never got enough active users to make it viable.
  24. steevc

    Tsu offline for Maintenance

    It's still sinking in, but I had to get some thoughts down. Find me on G+ http://tsudoscience.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/end-of-experiment.html
  25. steevc

    Big TSU upgrade right now

    Cool. I'll have to look later as I can't get on the web from work. I think a lot of people were worried this was a deliberate act, but removing the tree/network from Tsu would destroy part of the incentive to keep using it. They need people to keep recruiting if they are to grow.