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  1. Not bad. 50 dollars earned at the moment100 WowCoins = 1$.WowApp is like Whatsapp but it shares its profit with their users. There are several other ways to earn with WowApp like Cashback, but I haven't checked out all of them yet. My income comes mostly from inviting others, shopping and simply using wowapp to chat with friends and family. Been on WowApp since 2015 and it really does what it says it does. Best wishes!
  2. I have nice little spikes when somebody uses shop

    DaVinci Vaporizer 15% Discount

    wow cool
  4. it's good for uploading but the miney share sucks badly. Clickasnap is better and I saw a former tsuer making her first cent on the8app today
  5. NostalgicTrooper was featured on flii.by yay! and... I made a header cover template for flii in JPG and for photoshop ready to download. If you like it, use it.

    Social Networks Test

    let us know when you regietered on 8app. Most tsuers go there now, even ex tsu employees https://the8app.com/user/jumowa

    Tsu offline for Maintenance

    We are also here with over 300 tsuers so far. Thx for the links to the other networks martin https://www.facebook.com/groups/1785167141725474/?ref=bookmarks

    Tsu offline for Maintenance

    Maybe next time work from home so no money is spent on rent. NYC is pretty expensive. the hopes where higher than the bills

    Share your best posts here

    I now can create fruits out of goo http://www.tsu.co/JUMOWA/133417364
  10. JUMOWA

    Tsu Video UPDATE

    I wrote a blog about tsu's new update. Hope the english is acceptable http://hubpages.com/technology/Social-Network-Tsu-Does-It-Again
  11. JUMOWA

    Something new for videos coming?

    Yes, you should Steeve! you were the first I thought of.
  12. JUMOWA

    Share update

    Is this a loophole for tsu sharing to facebook? I remember facebook unbanning tsu under the condition of the facebook share button being removed. I agree, cool update
  13. JUMOWA

    Something new for videos coming?

    I was happy seeing Sebastians comment here: new feature in may http://www.tsu.co/JUMOWA/121185790
  14. JUMOWA

    TSU money in the shops

    What other platforms do you have in mind FZ?
  15. JUMOWA

    Tsu Market

    what market site you mean. the one on zazzle? tsuswag?