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  1. I have nice little spikes when somebody uses shop

    There is all of us

    I agree. Wonderful TV ad you should watch https://steemit.com/compassion/@jumowa/there-is-all-of-us

    DaVinci Vaporizer 15% Discount

    wow cool
  4. Love the new Forum style!

    1. Martin


      Yes, it is awesome :)

    2. JUMOWA


      haha, YouTube style notifications. Awesome!

    3. Tom Peace

      Tom Peace

      I'm glad you like it! 


  5. Exactly! Thats the plan. Get people to the invite site. And if you are fine with just watching the pic, just stay on pinterest. you dont have to come to my tsu page.
  6. That way you can also make your network grow since visitors on pinterest who click your picture will be linked directly to your tsu profile />https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZwaz-xL1qc

    Feeding a lizard on Tenerife

    Shot summer 2014. Pretty cool lizards />https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zpJgqC6yNQ&feature=youtu.be

    Tsu and the Art of Over-Analyzing your stats

    i agree. i still would like to make 35 dollars a day like some celebs but getting higher than we are nis motivation enough. Im enjoying it and if this forum and tsu stay alive, we can talk in 5 or even in ten years refreshing memories how cool the tsu dynamic and the new feeling of this unique network used to feel. Im happy sebastian made it happen. its a good thing

    Me taking a photo of myself every day for 4 years

    Thank you Tomas . i gathered up pics from the last years and will upload an update
  10. JUMOWA

    Me taking a photo of myself every day for 4 years

    only gained and lost weight. i need to start again. i would have been at 8 years now but i kinda took a break
  11. JUMOWA

    Me taking a photo of myself every day for 4 years

    I would say the changing perception of myself is a proccess in progress
  12. JUMOWA

    Bread for Bodybuilders

    I agree, my girl is vegetarian. I tried it and did it for 5 months without meat and i gained lots of weight. Im a carb sponge. As soon as i eat carbs. no matter how healthy they are, i gain weight instantly so i gave up on vegetarian only habits and i still try to not eat alot of meat but without a product that has no carbs i am not able to loose fat. I know Jim Morris, saw his inteview with Ric Drasin on Youtube and his photo shoots and website. Although ive been working out and studying nutritions for 20 years now, im still in the learning proccess. I would also rather not eat something that had a soul once but my gut cant handle all the plants. Im running around like a methane baloon when eating plant based. I wonder how others, especially women do it without farting 24/7 I don´t know Mr Baboumian yet. ill look him up and get back to you, thank you!