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  1. Tsu is down again for me... anyone else on line?
  2. And it is still down.. off to bed!
  3. Still down... Is today a public holiday in the US?
  4. I agree that Tsu needs a Friends and Following manager - but I'm not holding my breath for it...
  5. If your account has not yet be reinstated, write to support@tsu.co. I have had my TsuFanZine account banned and had to start over... it can be done but it is a pain. Tsu is growing and the staff need to figure out how to manage so many postings. They don't yet have a concept of forgiveness and new users can get into trouble for all sorts of things which are not written down anywhere.
  6. Tsu has been down for hours... I hope someone will check the server by 9am in the US (l more hour)
  7. I agree. If the links to the profiles worked, that would be a start! Please move this thread to improvements.
  8. Tsu has passed the 3million user mark and I have done this post to celebrate! http://www.tsu.co/FanZine/47119473
  9. I agree... In theory, when a post is shared the original post benefits.... but then I've heard other people say they earn by sharing posts.. (This has not happened to me when I have done an experiment)....
  10. Looks like she is leveraging a bot nest... The Japanese set up an engine which would produce very quick maximums of 5k friends but this seems to be working on the followers. As for the number of likes, the only way that could happen is if all those "likers" were a part of a bot next ring. Sounds like someone in Pakistan has figured out how to make their Facebook like bot enginess become Tsu like bot engines.
  11. l have had Zero success trying to set the @TsuFanZine account back. I was getting close to $72 when it was frozen. Based on reading the experience of others, I got banned because I actively reviewed my friends pages - eg opening up thousands of them on a daily basis to provide support to them as well as defriending accounts which had not been active in the last month (to make space for active friends). I have no hope of ever being able to get that account back. So, I will persevere with @Fanzine and hope to get an even larger audience.
  12. Thanks... $7 donated to @WaterAid as promosed
  13. I have found that this is an almost impossible task... far better is to have a list of people who will share your posts and thus multiply your views...
  14. This is good advice! It is a generalisation, but people are more likely to share a post which has a) a picture and appropriate hashtags....
  15. Hi, it doesn't mean anything other than that the Tsu counter gets confused from time to time...
  16. I can't watch the video in the UK. Any chance of setting up a link which will work?
  17. Tomorrow I will be donating my earnings to date on @FanZine to @WaterAid... I'm so close to the $7 mark that I decided to wait until I reached it. Thanks all for your support whilst I've been visiting Mum... she has a long road to recovery, but hopefully she will qualify for radiation therapy in the next month or so. I know a lot of people put Obama Care down, but without those 100 free days, there would have been no safety net for her and thousands like her that need time to process the changes to their lives.
  18. There are only 2 ways of making money solely on Tsu. The number of post views which carried advertising and your network. There are opportunities to sell online, promoting your business, etc. This is where a couple of my projects
  19. It Comes up 2nd for you based on your search patterns and what Google predicts what you seek. lt won't be 2nd for me because my results are based on different search patterns
  20. So you can post your Tsu posts to it. I use it for Tsu Fanzine
  21. I spend up to 3 hours a a day on admin, etc. I work off of a list of friends which I downloaded and if they haven't been active for a few weeks then I have to make a decision to keep them or give that friend place to someone who Is active
  22. l always advise that you #hashtag the attribution and location plus some general hashtags like #mountain etc
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