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  1. Hi, are you sure it is 12? I think I'm getting only 10...
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to get a better work life balance. I've signed up under Untied Donations - www.tsu.co/NerdVision
  3. Anyone else having a problem with the Analytics not registering views (as per the view count) and / or not receiving the earnings from the views?
  4. Be sure you only open one at a time or you risk getting your account banned. This is what happened to me..
  5. Do you know for sure.. The post which claimed this is a direct copy of an article from 3 months ago -- and the article does not say it has been banned, stopped etc.
  6. Great input guys. As you all point out, there is a lot to be thought about. I have always said that a few number of very active people are worth their weight in gold - eg the ones that visit your page a few times a week and engage with you. As you have all mentioned without mentioning, the tipping point will be critical. There are a lot of big accounts getting lots of followers but not active at all. Then there are millions of accounts who registered and gave up within a week. Any other thoughts? I'm a big fan of Tsu (as it says on the tin), and happy to wade through the mire to see what is out there.
  7. There have been several posts saying the posting limit has been increased to 40. Today I tested this objectively because I wasn't sure that I was achieving this level. I can confirm that there are 40 posts permitted.
  8. I think it is time to revisit the Friends vs Followers debate. I've seen quite a few big accounts reduce their friends down to a minimal level saying "there is too much stuff in their feed", or other comments which are to my mind merely excuses to disconnect. Accepting that Tsu values "authentic" engagement in real time, I think everyone accepts that you will only see a fraction of the the posts to your feed each day. To my mind, accepting followers only is a very back handed way of saying I'm better than you. It gives you no room for collaboration to exist or relationships to develop. At one point I was trying to view each Friend and active Follower's feed at least once each week... Yes, it takes hours - particularly given that this activity got me banned in the first place. I wasn't trying to "game" the system - I was simply trying to do the courteous thing and visit as many of the pages of the people who had visited my page or possibly say my posts in their feeds. So let's open the debate... Friends or Followers - which do you prefer and why... Let's take it to the next level!
  9. I have worked hard to grow back to almost the same size before my account got banned. I have conducted a review of my friends and invitations awaiting and cleared out about 3k inactive friends. I am getting views of up to 1,800 per post on a good day like today. So.. as one of my posts says, I'm an equal opportunity sharer, so message me the url of any post you would like me to consider for sharing! I will do a screen print of views to compare views to earnings mid-week when we can see if the view stabilise at a new level.
  10. Anyone had an issue with posts going missing... I've had at least 6 posts just disappear.... No notification email that I have breached Tsu rules... I'm wondering if I have a troll who is "reporting" my posts.. Any ideas?
  11. Good discussion. You will find that many of the "big" accounts just repost the original post to reach a new audience. Thoughts?
  12. When did it change from 10 shares to 12 shares? Your timeline is correct IF and only if you haven't posted anything in the 24 hours prior to 3pm and post nothing after the 2 posts until 3pm the following day.
  13. No, it's just that the "Following" counter gets broken easily.... I've seen profiles following more than 5,000 people at a time.... I'm not condoning it, but as Tsu can't fix it properly, people will take advantage. For myself, I try to make sure I stay near the 1,000 Following limit....
  14. First, I think it is likely that at least 60% of your original friends list is inactive. Jumowa knows that I got banned because I was an active manager of my Friends... Here's how I got banned - twice: I downloaded all the @short-names of my friends into a spreadsheet and made links which I opened up one at a time. Tsu decided I was using a bot because I opened up more than one at a time. I was accessing about 500 active users, and reviewing up to another 500 people because it was the only way to get through the list in two weeks start to finish. Someone else here recommended using the birthday list as a set of daily links to review to see if they were still active (right click and open in a new tab). I think this is a great idea - and at the same time I recognise that many people hide their birthdays... So here is my suggestion to make sure you support the people who support you... CTRL + END to the end of your friend list and work up from the bottom... the Friend list is in reverse order of joining - eg the People who joined last October will be at the bottom of the list. As long as you right click one by one and don't view more than 100 a day, then you should avoid being labelled using a bot....
  15. I've come to the conclusion that a lot of the people on the "Discover Users" section have such big followings ONLY because they are listed in the "Discover Users" section.... What do you think? My current strategy is to follow new users on the basis that they will stay loyal and actually view my posts vs someone with 300+ friends. My basic stance is that active friends and followers are worth their weight in gold. I have a core of about 100 people which I try to check in with every day and then I spend an extra 2 hours looking through the feed, etc. I am taking my time building up again but I'm hoping that once I hit 15k followers that people will follow almost automatically.... what do you think? The truth of the matter is that you only earn if the people viewing your posts are displaying the ads, so every view counts!
  16. Hmm... I understand the parallel you draw, however, if you are looking to raise money - even if it is for charity, then you must build your network so you get the views... particularly given @JonDunn's exposure that having your posts shared doesn't earn any cash... Lesson learned: Tsu is not Facebook, and most people will not be interested in what you are having to eat for dinner... unless you are eating dinner with the Queen of England.... I suggest you set your goal about what you want to achieve and work towards it.
  17. Youlaks has had his account deleted. I'm not sure if he will be back. The Japanese had an inside bot which did two things - first of all, it trolled for people to follow and friend based on current activity (assuming they used a hastag search) and it also accepted all Friendships automatically - that is why there were hundreds of Japanese getting 5k friends in a week. It is very easy to break the Tsu 1,000 following level - Yourlaks was over 4,000 following at one point. How do I know? I followed him everyday to see what he was up to... If a "bot" is clicking on a url in an Excel Spreadsheet to open up your friend's pages to gauge activity, then TsuFanZine was guilty of using a bot. Until they bring in real Friend and Following management tools, I don't see any other way except opening up the birthday links (which is great for those who put in their birthday, but I would imagine that is less than 60^ of users).
  18. The first thing should be allowed - I don't think it should be considered "gaming" the system. However, I got banned twice - the first for telling people I sent them a friend invitation so they could go and find it (back in the days when there was no really way of finding friend invitations... the solution is just as flaky as it only lets you see the last 26 or so - when you have hundreds it seems churlish to make those who asked first to wait until you clear out the list). The second is so true - Tsu needs to apply rules consistently. I had a message like your in which it stated that "businesses" were not allowed according to the the terms - and no, the terms do not say that businesses are not allowed. In the early days, there seemed to be an "in crowd" who were determined to rule the roost and ban anyone who got a bit popular. My BF was convinced the reason my @TsuFanZine account got banned was because I was nearing the payout. I'm also not sure, but it felt like there was a sliding scale on the revenue front - eg excluding network earnings, daily views per post were paying out less in the UK than in the US.... (I was also a bit vocal about the $18,000 cost to build 3 wells in Africa when the going rate was really closer to $400.... which is why I support @WaterAid who have a plan to get clean water to everyone everywhere by 2030. ) I have until end December to get my current business plan in shape on Tsu. However I am no where near the 1,200 + views per post that I was getting.... I get a bit concerned when I read things like the number of views per post has dipped significantly - if they are able to exclude certain user's posts until they are vetted, we will all lose as your place in the feed gets lost.
  19. TsuFanZine

    A Tsu clone?

    I have signed up under you. My link: http://3tags.org/invite/b5Q4 Let's see how it goes. The are tiny compared to Tsu acoording to the Alexa rankings, but hopefully they won't ban people unilaterally...
  20. TsuFanZine

    A Tsu clone?

    I can't see the model for the revenue share, etc
  21. TsuFanZine

    A Tsu clone?

    Post your link so I can join under you...
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