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  1. the smiley face is supposed to be b )
  2. All, I thought you would be interested in the apparent disjoin between the number of views and associated earnings. I think that this is due in part to two things - a) member using pop up blockers (no revenue is earned for these views) and the changes put in to slice the ad revenue - during this time, the %s changed between content owner and sharer. So what does this tell you? This account is pretty much doing it on their own - eg no active children tithing upwards. My takeaways are: the revenue follows the views - but these graphs it is appears that revenues don't always appear on the day 30k views = $1.64 so if you plan to go it alone, it will take 100k views per day to make a reasonable return (which is in alignment with my expectations) - and you would have to be posting on a daily basis to keep the momentum. Thoughts?
  3. However - I hope I will not get banned for opening more tabs at once. I was doing that but not on a massive scale - just sometimes with 3-6 tabs opened to check some of my children. ******************************* I hope you don't get banned as well. I'm the sort of person who has dozens if not hundreds of windows and apps open at any particular point in time. Every since Maxthon came out, I've had like 100 tabs open at a time. I'm not sure how that is going to work with Tsu...
  4. I copied the friend information to Excel (as plain text) and this time I opened up each link and took action one by one. I came up against the limits quite a bit. It kicks in right about 35 profiles opened. So you have to do it in 10 minute segments. I'd be happy to explain the Excel process to you if you are interested. I type between 70-80 words a minute, so it's rather frustrating to keep hitting the throughput on Tsu.
  5. My Tsu post is here: http://www.tsu.co/FanZine/60679090 Tsu passed 3.5 million users today. Alexa ranking posted today show that Italy is now the home of the second largest Tsu user community by usage.
  6. Tsu reached 3.5 million user accounts today! Time to Celebrate!
  7. http://www.tsu.co/FanZine/60672114 I've published the people nominated as the favourite people on Tsu to follow for April 2015. I intend to publish a list each month so please go to www.TsuFanZine.com and nominate your favourites too.
  8. Good info! I have just completed another partial review of my friends list - and I agree that there is no point in remaining friends with people who are not active.
  9. Another thing to consider is that what is "legal" one day may later become "not permitted"... Sometimes it is simply baffling... Eg soft/explicit porn which is okay one day but gets banned another day - as I've been told by someone who was trying to build a porn user here. But the most important thing to consider is whether Tsu are going to payout on what you have posted. According to Dexter, they won't pay out for posting Google photos - eg things you don't own. My takeaway is that every picture has to be proven to be your own copyright or in the public domain.
  10. Great info Tomas which I just read. Am I the only one wondering where the money went. The had $7m and are raising $10m. Given that they biggest cheques I've seen so far is less than $1,000... I am left in amazement. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big enthusiast and I'm building a business on it. My ambitions are much more modest...
  11. Jess Blevins is trying to raise $1000 by the end of today. If you have any spare pennies, please pass them along to her. I have donated $5.00 to help her reach her goal. All the donation will go to help #Nepal who as you will know have just suffered a major earthquake.
  12. Jumowa, I'm also interested in this idea. Any idea of your growth?
  13. What are your recommendations for making real money? I'm very keen to make enough money to pay all my living expenses on an on-going basis.
  14. Tomas, have you been paid yet? On the subject of checking the people you follow and your friends, I suggest you copy them to excel and open up the links one by one. I review about 1,500 each week-end. Just make sure you open up the links one at a time or your account might get banned like mine did.
  15. Anyone else want a shout out tonight or over the week-end?
  16. @Tutor - shout out done. I hope it has given your page a lot of attention. So far I've seen over 400 views of the post!
  17. TsuFanZine

    Tsu Market

    Steve, thanks for the link - I didn't realise there were so many places
  18. Evidently we are up to 12 shares in every 24 hours out of a total of 40 posts per day! Just keeps getting better!
  19. Anyone fancy a shoutout on Friday or over the weekend? I have done any for about a month, so it 's time to get back in the groove. If you are interested, let me know. What I like to do is post a couple of sentences about yourself and what you like about Tsu...
  20. Beware of the latest scam - I received the message below (and reported it). Right now I'm just stringing them along: Lizzy Blogle about 10 hours ago In respect of the TSU COMPANY we are congratulating you on your profile which have won through favor of our Customer Care Bureau as one of our choice. So are here by to contact us through our official E-mail address for the claims and processing of your award price the sum of $1,000,000.00Usd which in words( One Million United States Dollars) including your Award certificate to be issued to you in due course as soon as you follow up our instruction.tsu.customercare@gmail.com(Contact Person: Dr.Davidson Mark) Contact us as soon as possible. Regards and congratulations once more. www.tsu.co 1. Full Name: 2. Address: 3. Sex: 4. Occupation: 5. Phone Number: 6. City: 7. Country: 8. Age: 9. A Copy of Your ID card Your Urgent response is much needed as soon as possible
  21. I also had a huge glitch in my stats recently. I took pictures as .pdfs and sent them in. Support didn't believe me the first three times I wrote about it. and the link missing earnings. They have gone back and re-calculated my earnings which is great!
  22. This is important, but I think a way to manage Friends would be the most useful... eg being able to see when they were last on-line, etc.
  23. I agree about being able to see more post analytics.
  24. Hi, I just spotted this. By any chance did you donate to me as well? I had 10 cents show up out of the blue..
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