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  1. In the terms, they now have the right to take your @shortname away from you if they decide they want to. My original name was @TsuRules - and after about 3 months I was told that this sounded "official" - thus the switch to @TsuFanZine which picked up a troll which got it banned. Now I'm with @FanZine and @NerdVision and trying to figure out how to make enough to earn a reasonable pension through it!
  2. I have tried to get verified through Twitter and was told that they only verify media and celebrities... no telling for the hows and whys and whatfors... I read the Facebook terms and they are the same/similar... you have to be in the media/celeb to get tick mark. I think when you get paid they have to verify you then so that is probably going to be the only way I can.
  3. Hmm.. I haven't been keeping track of individual days anymore... but I did notice a bit of a boon on a day where I was too busy on my day job to pay much attention. I was also heartened by the announcement that they will also being paying a bit for your "activity" which I take to mean your viewing of posts in the feeds. As someone who tries to view my list of active users, I'm hoping that this may make an incremental improvement in the day's earnings.
  4. Hi- From what I've heard, they are not paying out for "Google" pictures - eg stuff posted to G+ etc. I'm not sure of the rest. So expect your earnings to get reduced by a % if they don't like your source. That's why I tend to use either original backgrounds or common licence non-attributable pictures.
  5. Thanks for the info! Shared! Not surprising that I've allowed my post be searchable!
  6. As someone with lots of Friends, I can say that Tsu is like FB in the beginning when open networking was the trend. I friend anyone who is active and doesn't break the rules. How active - well I like to see posts at least every 2 weeks. My philosophy is that you may never know how your interaction with a stranger might shape both lives and all of those that they touch. And in that interaction, a connection is made which might turn into friendship.
  7. Tsu has now fixed the problem so that now shared posts earn some money for both the sharer and originator.
  8. According to Sebastian, this is not true. All that counts towards earnings are the number of views to the value of paying adverts which happen to be on the screen at the same time. I'm not sure how they count paying adverts as they now have 3 or 4 per page, but if someone is coming back to your page through the day, then you are getting more ad spend viewed... So if we are seeing 2 to 3 times as many ads because there are more ads per page, this would drop the penny to 100 views to something closer to penny per 50 views (assuming all you viewers did not use ad blocking software).
  9. Thanks - just say these. I will certainly check them out!
  10. TsuFanZine

    post limit

    The post limit is now 40 posts a day of which 12 can be shares.
  11. So in effect, you need to earn the money from the off-Tsu activities to which the sponsored post links...
  12. You have yo pay for a post to be sponsored. I think you earn on the views but I doubt you make as much as it costs... Best used to link to off-Tsu sales or ad eatnings
  13. I agree... Regardless of whether you have 5 or 5,000 friends you dont see 99.999999% of the content out there
  14. I have looked into this. TWITTER and FACEBOOK will only verify you if you are a celeb.... It doesn't always work out as you expect....
  15. I like this idea as well... I spend hours reviewing pages each day, so it would be really great to know when a friend is active!
  16. Thanks all, I'm keeping better track of my posts... Tsu support / AntLong did a review and "found" them.. and honoured the revenue they should have shared! So if you think some of your posts are missing, it makes sense/cents to talk to support
  17. The other thing is that going forward their place in the parental chain is ignore, so any earnings from their children will be one level up to you... eg 33% vs 11%.
  18. All, My @UnitedDonations child @NerdVision is looking for posts about Technology, Science and Health. Please feel free to message me with the urls to share! We are stronger together than alone!
  19. Well that would explain it! I can see that this is true in my second account - @nerdvision...
  20. I think it is fantastic! now no awkward misspellings!
  21. I would too... but it's completely word of mouth or searching by hash tags. For me, the Discover users section is useless. You have to be verified by Twitter/Facebook and they are only verifying "celebrities". I'm only listing the ones nominated by users in the Favourites.
  22. I've noticed over the past week or so that each day some of my posts do not appear in the analytics feed. Today, none of the posts I've shared appear in my Analytics. I'm obviously concerned as this is affecting my earnings as well. I have written to Tsu and I'll keep you appraised. I think my views should be in the 20k mark.
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