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  1. Here what I do... when I friend someone I also follow them. After a couple of days I check my Following list and viola all the unresponded frieind requests are there... People have complained about this since Day1. I don't see why they do this because it is not going to change. I am solution oriented and yes the tip above is one of the many TsuTips I have published...
  2. I like the message he gives along with the receipt of the cheque.
  3. Yes, I don't see how he made so much so quickly - as you say, it must have been the network..
  4. Just wanted to provide an update as my Follower numbers have reached 25,000.... It's a huge milestone for me! My earnings have levelled out to a minimum of $1 / day if I am semi-active on the posting. I don't earn anything from the children attached to @FanZine. This leads me to conclude that the big earners are only earning the big earnings off the back of their network. At present I don't see a way to regularly generate posts which get 5,000 plus views / likes, etc. This means you have to post more posts to get the same number of hits... Anyone have any ideas?
  5. I'm not sure I've seen much of a difference for anything I post - generally these are at least 800x600....
  6. I'm playing the medium game... I haven't been able to post as much as I would like, but I'm trying to make an effort to be reasonably active through the week. My earnings range from around $0.50 to $1.65 per day... and it all depends on the reach from what I can see...
  7. It seems to be driven by the people appearing on www.tsu.co/discover... so anyone could do this. What they don't do is cover off the smaller people like me who gain 100+ new followers a day...
  8. His average earnings are closer to $2.50 per day than $5.00 - so no new news here...
  9. Hmm.. I really don''t see how that can be so.. I seriously doubt all of my viewers have the ads turned off. The last time I mentioned a glitch the finally found it after a couple of pleas to look into it. I really don't understand why it has to be so hard for them to get the calculations correct the first time. Re the lack of unique visitors- I'm not surprised at the drop. When I recently reviewed my friends list, less than 20% had been on line in the past 14 days (which is pretty much my threshold). There are not as many new users coming to Tsu. I actually think it is worse than you think because most active users now have two or more accounts - I believe TsuMadness is an off-shoot of Dexter Roona's. Even some of the biggest names from the beginning are no longer as active as they were. On the flip side, I see many posts with 500+ likes - so there seems to be some non-US based network growing out there... I probably need to tap into them if we are to succeed as a business.
  10. Here is the latest on my earnings - work has been manic so I've had a rough couple of weeks. This account has virtually NO active children so it's a pretty good estimate of pay per view. You can see that earnings view slightly - I think it is just a timing thing - My views cut off at midnight BST/GMT but the earnings are not given until 9am BST/GMT...
  11. You can't ask for pay for likes/shares or pay someone for likes/shares...
  12. http://www.tsu.co/JonDunn/68155131 I've submitted my poem - I hope you will consider submitting one too!
  13. He's not real.. looks like the account is blocked or is getting no visibility. Tsu seem to be cracking down on clones.
  14. Tomorrow is shout out Sunday! Message me if you would like me to do a shout out for you, one of your family, a charity you support, etc. I'm also looking for weekly events Caturday Shout out Sunday ? No-Buts Monday ? Tsusday This Way! ? Wednesday ? Thorsday Five Cent Friday
  15. I don't get this competition. It claims to have over $850.00 collected for the winner but the page views quoted would earn less than $1.00 for the latest round. So really they are relying on donations
  16. They didn't actually "make" the money - they had lots of donations. I'd love to get @wateraid up to the same level.
  17. This is a fake posting... Tsu do not use commas between the $ and cents....
  18. Don't do it! This is not permitted in the terms of service. -
  19. I have a query for those using the mobile platform which is whether or not it currently shows ads. Anyone know
  20. I have shared the news! Unless you have a US$ bank account, getting a cheque will be pretty much useless as You'll spend a huge chunk changing it over. Someone posted that they do Western Union (again huge commissions) or Paypal (significant charges but I think they might be the lowest I know about). Again, let us know all the steps along the way and how long it takes.
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