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  1. I can see how this might help you fill your FOLLOWING list. But as for getting and keeping FOLLOWERS, I'm still finding my feet. So this tool adds followers. Is there a similar tool to unfollow everyone you are following? I would be interested in that.
  2. What I do is that every time I send a friend invite, I also "follow" until the friendship is accepted or I withdraw the invitation. Another option is to keep a list of the people you invite - eg cut their name and short name into a document or spreadsheet or simply write them down... End of problem... (yes it would be more useful to see where those stray friend requests went - for me more useful would be knowing whether or not the recipient has actually seen it... with the current problem, they might not even know that you sent an invite... this is why pragmatic work around 1 or 2 above need to be put in place)..
  3. You can't delete children. If they are breaking Tsu's Terms of use, then you can report them and they will be banned/have their content removed. My experience is that someone who joined under me asked to have their account deleted. It still appears in my tree, but as it has been deleted, all the money from those underneath roll up to me. So you can see, that there is no need to "delete" them... if they are warned and then decide to follow the rules, you will always earn income from them. If they don't follow the rules, they get their account deleted and you will receive money from the people who signed up at the next three levels underneath them. This is kind of nice - especially if they play by the rules!
  4. Tomas first, thanks for the article. Second, thanks for the info about the member number...my latest child is 1.527million... I have predicted we will be at 3million by year end,,, what do you think are the chances of getting there?
  5. @TruthPrevails is also one to follow. He's not on the Top 50 list yet, but he posts good content. He has made a post of the best times to post on Tsu..this is an essential read if you want to maximise the number of page views your posts get. That post is at: https://www.tsu.co/TruthPrevails/12678009 He is at 190 shares so if you have not reposted it, you might want to consider extending a bit of good-will. He is a loyal participant. For those of us based outside US/Japan/India, he is also an important contact - he is in Europe - eg Central European Time (I think that this is what it is called).
  6. Dexter Roona publishes a list of the Top 50 people to follow! You can lobby him to be included in the list and from what I have seen that tree needs to be shaken a little as too many have not been active over the last few weeks. I'm number 30 on the list and I want to move upwards. If you have any suggestions on how I can do this, please let me know! I work quite hard for the pennies I earn each day, finding original content to share and post alike! The list is at: http://infobunny.com/tsu-top-50-members-follow-tsu I have a personal profile of each that I maintain to keep track of the kinds of things they think are important.
  7. Gosh, my posts are not nearly as successful, but here goes.. My most successful recent post is https://www.tsu.co/TsuFanZine/16249645which is a quote by the Dalai Lama about learning something new by listening. With the focus on copyright, I'd be a little concerned about reposting it as a .jpg, but I'm sure I'll be able to find a link to that particular quote. I'm very curious as to how to get the tsunami effect to have something go exponentially popular! Tell me privately if you like!
  8. I'm a big believer in setting goals within the available parameters. The income is out of my control, and it is merely a function dependent on page views and possibly post activity (some claim that likes and comments earn money)... I have not seen the details, so I'm assuming that this is equal across all users.... So let's park earnings. So What kind of Goal can you set? ----- My first goal was to reach 5k Friends - tick - done in 4 weeks. I found that if I was genuine and outgoing I could friend almost anyone who was playing by the rules (no spam, no porn, etc) My next Goal is 100k Followers - it is part of a larger goal which I've bitten it down into bite sized, attainable chunks. Can you guess what my larger goal is? My Tsu id number is over 750,000 and I've been the site for nearly a month. I reckon there must be at least 2 million users already. So getting 100k followers looks attainable. I might take a little longer than I'd like, but I believe that if I continue to play by the rules and offer genuine content that they will come. Over time, I'm expecting some of my followers to become friends - there will be those who drop out or break the rules. You might think that this is too big a chunk to bite off from where I am. If you do, please let me know what challenges you think I will face or what else I need to consider. Right now even @Sebastian is only at 81k followers, so no one yet has discovered the "magic" formula... Perhaps there isn't one. I welcome every bit of advice you can offer me along the way, and I promise to extend my help along the way.
  9. What is your thinking of the differences between friending and following? For me, Friending provides the reciprocity opportunities - eg following is only one-way.. Which is great if you are a major celebrity but surely we are all all equals here... I find have to clear down all the people I'm following on a semi-regular basis as we aren't engaging. Has anyone else found this? Besides limiting who can see you social accounts and posting to your page are there any other real benefits of FOLLOW only relationships? I'm serious about understanding this!
  10. This is great info... Is there anyway to run this on someone else's page to get their number??? I'd love to see what my children's numbers are...
  11. We all aspire to have just as many likes per post! Kevin is a great inspiration to raise the game. More power to him for paving the way. Although I'm not permitted to post any comments on his wall, he has my admiration for being authentically himself.
  12. Hi, I don't know how you did it, but I have Children - must have been immaculate conception and an overnight delivery from the stork. Thank you! I will do my best to encourage them and recommend that they join this forum. I want them to be successful in their own right! They deserve it and it is the right thing to do! Again, THANK YOU!
  13. I agree, being able to edit posts would be valuable... all too often, you make a silly typo - particularly from the mobile platform..
  14. I am an active Tsu member and dedicated to making Tsu the platform of choice... happy to connect with active users - I'm at 5k friends, but don't worry, I review users everyday to get rid of spammers and people who are no longer active...
  15. Tsu Member Dexter Roona has published the Top 50 members to follow - currently TsuFanZine is at number 30 and looking to move upwards. Some of the names will already be familiar to you, some will be new and there is definitely room to make a case for others who have come through the ranks to take over the top spots. Currently I don't have much of a family tree, so I'm looking to collaborate as I believe we are stronger together than alone. I have posted a link on my Tsu feed to the article.
  16. Ok, I've made a couple of posts - and I'd like to get many children to help become success too! So I'm not quite sure how one gets children from this site since it appears that they already have to be Tsu members to join here... But hey, I'll leave no stone unturned. You will see that I'm in it for the long haul - I want to associate with active members - eg others who will follow the rules and are in it to make a big change in the world.
  17. I publish a daily Tsu Tip of all the things I have found. I know others have posted "rules" or "tutorials", but honestly, I don't think Tsu needs them to be so formal. A tip here and there is more beneficial. I try to get through to each of my friends daily by opening their page. So I believe I'm encountering many of the issues which users face... Top 5 issues plus 2 bonus points: 1. Reposting spam - eg the "get rich quick post" or "share in 2 seconds to earn" 2. Posting a beautiful picture without a location or any hashtags.... It makes me wonder if they even know where it is. 3. Posting a quote without any writing out the quote or using hashtags to make it easier to find. 4. Posting several posts all at the same time. My tip is to post only a couple at a time throughout the day. 5. Not being able to find mislaid "friend" invitations. My tip is to follow when you send a friend invite so you can find them easily 6. Follow for follow / Friend or Follow - You get 5,000 friend opportunities, you can only follow 1,000. So make each of these really important decisions... It's personal preference but I believe that friends are more loyal than followers as there is the opportunity for reciprocal views of each other's post and the possibility to have comments and likes on your posts. 7. Bemoaning the fact that there are limits and you can't yet do everything you can do on FB/G+... pages, emoticons, groups, circles, no special characters.... My tip is to ignore what you can do and get on with what you can do... These things are not preventing you from earning money. If there are things you would like me to post, let me know and I'll make space for them. Tsu Fan Zine
  18. Tsu Member Dexter Roona has published the Top 50 members to follow - currently I'm at number 30 and looking to move upwards. I have posted a link on my feed to the article.
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