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  1. Back when T's had 200k+ unique daily visitors, a third party Web site set up a function where you could pay via Tsu $. That website was infected with male are last time I tried to access it and none of the big users cared enough to help me find the person who could sort it. Which tells me that no one is using Tsu $ for anything other than donations. Having been through the process of getting paid, Tsu are not consistent and ban accounts rather than pay out. Tsu currently has about 63K unique visitors, the majority of which are in Asia so revenue is less th
  2. WU claim to charge just £2.90 to send up to £500 to a bank account. Tsu take 3%, but I'm not sure Tsu use WU.
  3. You earn money from the value obtained by the people Viewing your content as well as the people viewing the content in your network. Tsu earn money from ads - views and clickthroughs. The value of the view/clickthrough varies in different parts of the world - generally speaking US based views are worth more than European and African/Asian view worth less than European views. Why? - it's partly about the amount of discretionary income that people are willing to spend on line and partly about the number of advertisers available (and what they are willing to pay) in the geographic
  4. I monitor Alexander where Tsunami has fallen from 4G to 9.9k and the largest user population now include India and Pakistan. Tsu's revenue is based on views and click throughs adjusted for country of viewing. Their algorithm doesn't state reward for likes and comments. Instead multiple viewing of the same post may result in other ads being displayed or an increase in number of unique visitors per day. If you monitor newly made accounts you will see the number of view bot nests reducing although they are still out there. And recently I Made it onto a spammers block
  5. No it doesn't work like that. You get the same % split of the revenue earned. So if the members viewing you page have ad blockers switched on, you earn nothing. You earn a very small % sharing someone's post... do not ad much as sharing you original posts. You will not be paid for spam posts, porn or Google images for which you don't own the copyright.
  6. It is hard to accept sometimes you just have to start over on Tsu. I also had an account banned. ... never learned why. Having started over, I have been more successful than I would have been on my first account. All the best!
  7. In the end it took less than one week. I got payment via PayPal on the Friday afterwards.
  8. All you need to do is put in your address. After they have checked your POSTS, they will ask for your PayPal account information. Mine was paid into the account in under 1 week.
  9. Well, after several months of giving away most of my earnings, I have asked to redeem my earnings.... Requested redemption - Saturday Tsu requested PayPal address to be confirmed - Monday I'm told it may take up to two weeks to receive payment. I'm based in the UK, so payment is done through Paypal
  10. I suggest staying true to what you want to do.
  11. Congratulations! Sounds like it pays to follow the rules! I'm just coming up to my first request - I've given away most of what I earned this year.
  12. You can also use royalty free photos - www.pixabay.com is one site which offers photos for reuse.
  13. If you use an ad blocker none of the items you view earn any money as Tsu hasn't earned anything. I really don't see the problem having ads.. . Facebook has loads more ads...
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