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  1. Your single post in facebook can affect in your life because you get views , likes comments and shares . That’s good because you are going to build your online business using facebook . Facebook maybe has the most number of traffic for you to have prospects and make a sale for your business. This social media site is very useful when it comes to promoting anything you were doing like your online and physical store business . Facebook can make help out with your business . For example , you can use your facebook profile to gain views of your business and what you were selling online . It has a lot of traffic so that your facebook friends and visitors can see your business . Create your own facebook page can increase prospective customers . You can use this to promote your online business reach traffic , have your customers nearby at your place as well as using this facebook page can gain prospect customers and make your sales selling anything . You can also create your facebook page in anything you can do online like facebook fanpage , community , gaming , non-profit etc . It can be use for interacting with your customers in facebook messenger in selling your products , close a sale with your buyers and make a commission just easy because facebook messenger is the most used social messaging app in facebook. You can also make facebook groups to have your own members interacting with their posts and this is your chance to post your business so that they can see what’s your business and get your earned money selling your products . Online sellers use to create their own facebook group chat to communicate to their customers within their transactions and then they have to private message these online sellers in facebook messenger . Of course , you can post what you were selling in facebook marketplace. There are visitors and customers want to see what’s selling and buy products of their like . There’s always a chance of your products seen in facebook marketplace . Facebook is still a social media site where you can post your status update , photos , links or share other people’s posts in your timeline , join groups and everything and make sure that you still doing these stuff responsibly .
  2. There are kinds of websites that will pay you for your work but they are great for earning some extra cash , this websites like Project Payday , Userlytics , FlexOffers and Listverse can help you to work online and at home .But you can start your making money online in this kind of online job and can help you also if you do this as well gain leads and have traffic .Blogging seems pretty common to build a blog year .Some people argue that you can make money without a lot of traffic and while that is true in some circumstances , you will generally need a lot of website traffic to start earning from the blogs and that takes a while. You need first to work on this important factors like website building , subscription , advertising , affiliate , membership , products , paid posts services and sponsored content were intended to make your blog stand out have revenue and monetize your blog .Affiliate marketing can start bringing in money immediately by promoting company's products services and online offers. Create your facebook page and invite all to join it and post your affiliate offers on there . Check their merchant listings to find something you think customers would be interested in . If someone buys using your link you'll make a nice commission.There are some companies that will hire you to work from the comfort of your home. If you are interested in working for someone else , while still making your own schedule and deciding where to work from , here are few companies that will let you work just like that: Liveops , Speakwrite , Fast Chart , CrowdsourceYou can also search making money ideas you can work . There are a lot of websites at in the internet can make you legit money online and you can search them but do a research in these websites before you make it a go . Thanks for reading my article posts in this forum . Good Luck in your making money online journey and i hope it can help you a lot and finally can make money online at the comfort of your home.
  3. Hello , guys! I'm a new member of tsuforum. How can i get paid using tsuforum? Thanks
  4. cataty08990


    Many people talked about WowApp and this was so popular in tsuforum . Do you have Wowapp use this app and get paid already? Is it a Yes or No?
  5. cataty08990


    Many people talked about WowApp and this was so popular in tsuforum . Do you have Wowapp use this app and get paid already? Is it a Yes or No?
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