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  1. Valentyn Kubrak

    TOP 10 Magento Jewelry Sites

    Every woman wants to look cute and gorgeous and jewelry is always useful in this case. However, it is difficult to find what you want. So, we create this list of TOP 10 Magento Jewelry Sites in order to help you in finding the right stone, jewelry or accessories which will accompany you in all significant moments of life. Read about it here: https://techcluster.co/resources/top-10-magento-jewelry-sites/.
  2. ECommerce conversion rate depends on many factors. But one of the most important is site performance. If you want to know why and what to do for improving your conversion read this article: https://techcluster.co/resources/does-site-performance-affect-ecommerce-conversion-rate/.
  3. Valentyn Kubrak

    TOP 10 Magento Eyewear sites

    Are you looking for a good pair of glasses or sunglasses but cannot find an appropriate one? Our list of TOP 10 Magento Eyewear Sites will help you to find glasses which you will wear with pleasure! You can take a look at it here: https://techcluster.co/resources/top-10-magento-eyewear-sites/.
  4. The Shopify is a great platform to start your business. If you want to thoroughly engage in the representation of your own business in the network, then the most suitable option would be to create a separate site on one of the CMS. But among the most popular and well-known platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Open Cart how to choose the right one? In this article, we tried to write the whole experience we had with implementing Shopify - for whom, pros and cons, possible pitfalls you will face with choosing this platform. Let's dive into reading and decide does Shopify fits your business needs: https://techcluster.co/resources/shopify-for-your-dropshipping-store-pros-and-cons-you-need-to-know/!
  5. Augmented and Virtual Reality is a great revolution in eCommerce. With technology, both merchant and customer get a bunch of benefits. Read this blog post to find out the reasons to implement VR or AR to online business and get inspired with awesome examples: https://techcluster.co/news/ecommerce-going-beyond-augmented-and-virtual-reality/.
  6. The majority of people prefer deleting letters from online stores even without opening them. It stands to reason that the majority of email marketing solutions are similar and just boring. Our target is to create engaging and creative letters which will surely attract more readers. And in this article, we reveal how to succeed, join us:https://techcluster.co/news/theory-practice-make-your-email-marketing-strategy-right-in-2018/.
  7. Valentyn Kubrak

    The most important eCommerce KPIs

    Do you know what KPIs you should pay a particular attention to? In our article, we are going to tell you about them, and also you will find out how it is better to calculate them and what to do for improvement. Become interested in it? Read more here: https://techcluster.co/resources/the-most-important-ecommerce-kpis/.
  8. PWA is a relatively young development introduced in 2015 that has shaken up many business fields including eCommerce. It is a hybrid between web pages and native mobile apps. However, the extended functionality and smooth user experience that PWA guarantee make the solution more advantageous.About all of the existing ways of building PWA, we talk in this article. As a bonus, there is information about its benefits and for whom PWA is necessary. You are welcome: https://techcluster.co/news/how-to-build-progressive-web-apps-in-ecommerce-possible-ways/.
  9. Valentyn Kubrak

    TOP 10 Magento Furniture Sites

    Are you looking for quality furniture and home decor? Do you want to change something in your house or flat? Nowadays there are so many websites and it becomes difficult to choose one where you can find everything you need. But with the help of TOP 10 Magento Furniture Sites, it will be easier. Read about it more here: https://techcluster.co/resources/top-10-magento-furniture-sites/.
  10. Do you know what steps the customer’s journey consists of? Anyway, it is useful to know it because it helps you encourage the customers to buy something. Read more about the AIDA model here: https://techcluster.co/resources/aida-model-make-your-ecommerce-marketing-more-effective/.
  11. Valentyn Kubrak

    Hello everyone!

    Hello to everyone from Valentin Kubrak, who represents the Tech Cluster company, where you can read articles from the world of the Internet, programming and various technologies: https://techcluster.co/. Welcome friends!