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  1. Here I go to show you two moneymaking web site who does not need initial taxes for starting them. Also withdraws are possible with the minimum of $2 or $3. 1. https://trafficmonsoon.com/?ref=pan26 The first link connects you in a PTC(paid-to-click) platform. - You get a few ads that if you view for 10-20-30-60 seconds (depends on the ad campaign) you get a few amount of profit. - You can exchange your traffic views for others traffic view 1:2. That means that you can advertises your link how much you want and how much credits you have. When you view 2 other users ad you get 1 credit. With this 1 credit you can get 1 unique view of your promoted link. It is kind of endless surfing for surfing. - Trafficmonsoon is https security site, but of course when you start surfing take care like any other PTC. - You get 50% commission from your direct referrals. - Minimum withdraw $2 possible the maxim of a week. I made more for that time but I have many friends. I do not like commission like this and that is why I did not register on this site at the first time I saw it. It is not fair such as referral commission but this site for me is professionally directed and managed. And the idea traffic for traffic is great. Also I think it is expensive 1:2, I think it should be 1:1.5 2. https://www.paidverts.com/ref/pan26 + https://www.mytrafficvalue.com/ref/pan26 = my favorite online business Here the most interesting thing is that this both sites at point 2 are connected with common bankroll account. You can log in with the same e-mail and password. So you need to register only in 1 of these links. - PaidVerts is a PTC. You have to start by watching paid ads for BAPs (bonus advertising points). 2000 = $1 . You collect BAPs and reach higher BAPs group. Each group give you the opportunity to recive higher paid ads. - Mytrafficvalue is the platform where you can sell/buy shares of paidverts. You can also sell shares for BAPs which is a great deal. - There are many things that can be said about this both sites I will not describe everything because serious people find them alone for themselves. But of course if you register I will see your email on my referral list and will send you articles for great managing this both platforms. - Referral commission 5% for PTC and 10% for purchasing ad campaign and others that are not so important you can look then in MTV. - Minimum withdraw 3$ possible for about two weeks. I hope all of you enjoy my blog. If I or you find some good sites like this where we do not have to waste our money for try I will published them as well.
  2. I think there were a post about that theme. I want to share my online business opportunities with you. But If there is another post about this I will do there. Just tell me. http://captcha.365.pm At this link above you can type the unique code called captcha and get paid. It is not very mutch, but you can do it whenever you like how mutch you like. Very good opportunity for me to earn while I am resting or have some usless free time, breaks, etc.
  3. I think tsu activity is not more than 70k-80k unique people per day. What can you say about this?
  4. Thats why I use for my groups 4 or 5 complicated hashtangs. And at the end some of them will be great for sure. But I wonder if somebody looks them. The hastag #tsu is the most viewed I am 100% sure. Each time I posts #tsu I get new like and friend requests. But it is stupid tsu post #tsu in each post, people see it and start skipping you.
  5. dzimnitsa


    I can claim that in Christian world there is more rape than Quaran. Normal muslims just get married virgins still. First time I heard for sex slaves and it is not true. Anyway dont belive in the Quran in the litarally way, it is the same bullshit like Bible. Search something between the rows. In Bible there is also paragraphs that are made to frighten man. The only interesting thing I spot for now is that all prophets without Esa(Jeasus Christ) are Jews or cousing of that Jews. And other thing - I consider Moses had met other worldly beings(extraterrestials).
  6. You are making me to look this user out. Because, he/she like many other posts all the time. Sometimes after I am liking 1-2 hours any posts and then stop for 3-4 days to use the profile, I still get requests from those likes on posts.
  7. I were thinking last week to make a post like this but I were so lazy to do whatever... Anyway yes it is important. I am thinkink to make a project with tsu record how many friends I can make for 6 hours without stop clicking. It will be really nice if I do it but I have always other work these days and I am busy with some other stuff somewhere.
  8. Lucky competion. It is like the casino games. So this forum is not for the Middle East.
  9. I am using 2 online moneymaking platforms and yesterday they both had problems that keeps on today.
  10. It is very bugged. Many usless children all over the family trees. This algoryth is simple but I belive the exact calculating is hard 1/3/3/3/3/3 it is always to do with the infinte and their system crashed. Or they are hacked. Also I have 3 accaunts, my real name, my fathers and this one. I have spotted that if I make with one my child 20 cents, and I do not use the the father of this child accaunt on the next day I got 16 cents. Witch is not real according to the their algoryth in the FAQ. It has been happened to me many tries and I were wondering about it pretty mutch. I should share this inforamtion here urealer but I were busy with talking to my chldren what to do. So now I get no money and get no children. Before a week I had about 10 new chldren or network increase each single day. I had many active children for a copuple of weeks. Now I think I am a lonely father. But what can I expect from 3rd world children.... I have few children from east europe that they are using normally the network. I hope Allah help my children to be better in tsunation, really. Allah, bless my children and network.
  11. dzimnitsa


    I agree with you. I send massages and emails to all government official pages of our prime minister to join tsu due my link but they didnt response back.
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