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  1. I don't understand... why are you taking children from @uniteddonations?
  2. Top Tsū Girls, you must have had a great network increase in the last few days congrats to all the winners!
  3. Hello, be very welcomed! I'm sure you will have a lot of fun here in the forum
  4. oh!!! That's why I'm getting the notification of new people joining my network! hurray! THANK YOU and congrats to the other winners
  5. Great!!!! That make things a lot more easier! but I'm still a long way to get to the 100
  6. Hello! welcome! I do hope you recover from whatever you are dealing with
  7. Great! I have received 3 new children 'till now . Thanks very much!
  8. it's nice really. I have 173 children so the rest have to be grand-children and so on... I really would like to have an easy way to know who is there and who is active
  9. I would like to suggest that TSU had a way for us to send messages to our network. There are things, advice, I would like to give to my children, grand-children and so on, but, with a network of more than 700 people, it's impossible to send to each one or even to know who they are. I also think we should have a easy way to know who belongs to our network. For instance, some symbol that would show in that person name and profile so that we could know they were a member of our network.
  10. I think that's harmful to everyone. I usually receive my children with a very realist text telling them the maximum I ever got and giving them some advice. I believe honesty is always the best.
  11. The link isn't working but I love the idea of Groups!!! hurray!
  12. I find a photo I shared from tsu to google+ in 5th or 6th... maybe google is personalising the searches? That comment did not show in my search....
  13. Hi! This is the best place to get children. From my facebook I was able to get about 10 children (most of them inactive). Here, from all the contests and initiatives the forum has, I got 163 more... I have a total of 173 children, most of them came from the forum (but most of them are also inactive - not the forum falt ).
  14. It's also good that I haven't yet seen anyone complaining they did not get paid
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