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    My loving friends

    Hi friends i am sahadat.I surfing internet now-a-day and see about tsu. Most interesting matter of the tsu is paid some money for like and comment. I have one ID in Facebook past six to seven years. I am self-employed.my workings place is far from my home about three hundred kilometres.I go to my working place by bus. I live in vill-joyrampur of the small city of Jangipur. The city is so beautiful. A longest river of the INDIA, has gone among the city,have two name Bhagirathi and Ganga. Farming is the main thing of the city .and famous for the mango and lichi fruit. Making friends is hobby of the life.life don't run without friends Making friends is starting to my childhood school friends then college life Tsu is new, I mean, this is new for me.so i create a profile for me. A link has paste my topic that is our YouTube video channels I want to know how has the video.my loving friends co-operate with me I don't know the rules and regulations of tsu properly And how to invite a friend or how to like and comments