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  1. Congrats to the winners. I just saw my "children" loose 12 people. Think Tsu must have done some update :/
  2. Just checked the new features and it looks great. Well done!
  3. Welcome Recovery girl. Hope you have a great time in TSU and this forum. Salutations from Portugal
  4. Still getting children from last win (I think). And a lot of them active... very cool
  5. Just noticed TSU now informs some users on your list (I'm guessing our "parents") posted something. Not the greatest of features, but interesting.
  6. Got about 20 new children yesterday. Already directed them to tsuforum... thanks
  7. Very interesting, Tomas. Thanks for the article.
  8. What???? Well, been away almost all day, going to have a look at this new kind of stuff
  9. That is a lovely attitude. I am thinking of donating 1 USD for each 10 I make.
  10. Well done. I've seem to have run out of luck :/ 3 wins in 3 days was more than enough
  11. This is simply unbelievable, I now have 152 children, with 75 coming from the last 3 days, because of TSUforum. I am trying my best to welcome and guide the newcomers altough about 2/3 make one or two posts and disappear Anyway, if one can help the other third, that's quite good.
  12. Another 16 children. Wow... I'm a lucky TSUser
  13. Uau. Just checked my TSÙ and found out 30 new friends. What a day. Thank you
  14. I mostly use and search for hashtags with hames of countries and cities. I found it hard to look for other types of hashtags as most searches give me too many or too little results.
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