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    Internet radio production and management:  Specializing in talk radio from historic events to the unknown. Graphic design, comics, anime, b-flick movies, kaiju, good looking women, RPG dice gaming and more.

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  1. DreagusProd#1

    Fliiby review

    I am also testing and checking out another site called Imzy
  2. DreagusProd#1

    Fliiby review

    I have checked out Fliiby and it seems to be pretty nice. It don't have the smooth feel that TSU had but over time that may change. Mark
  3. DreagusProd#1

    Dreagus Productions: websites

    https://www.imzy.com/dreagusproductions And https://flii.by/dreagusprod1/ are a couple more sites I am on
  4. Sitting around wondering what is going to collapse next.


  5. DreagusProd#1

    Inspirations and Graphics

    Dreagus Productions - Multi-Media Archives and Photobucket is another archive area I use for graphics http://s1081.photobucket.com/user/DreagusX/library/
  6. DreagusProd#1

    Intellectual Property vs Content Profit

    I always liked TSU since I started about eleven months or so ago. The content I find may not be that of the originator always but `not everyone is artistic. There have been tons of pages I have visited that either the person was in the graphic, or did the graphic or quote. As a broadcaster on several internet radio stations and also creating podcasts for folks content can be a struggle. This post and others similar could be an issue in some countries and not in others. Here we are. I not saying to violate anything but even my shows and content can be used with fair use. Also I disagree with those who would challenge that. Folks should be flattered that there are people who wish to use their work in theirs (this does not mean making the claim original content). It's my hope that we can all get the original style of TSU back and on track with or without the dollar sign. TSU has been my most enjoyable social network experience. I have seen and done bulletin boards back in the day and been on other sites (some I still maintain presence). Maybe the idea of making money off a social network isn't the goal anymore, but other privileges/services could be offered in it's place that would be welcomed by the users. Mark Wojtaszek Owner, Dreagus Productions
  7. I would like to take this time to share with you some of the great and informative shows that I do, manage, and produce. Along with this, I would like to share some of my artistic-side and the things I use as an exercise to make show banners for shows and other advertising I create or help to create. Here is where I have had most of my success getting interaction with folks better than any other social media: http://www.tsu.co/DreagusProd47 Please, join, interact, respond, and comment, because they have a direct impact to the quality and quantity of all show creation and production. Mark Wojtaszek Founder, Dreagus Productions PS #tsu #activeuser #tsunation below is a link to some of my work [mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/markwojtaszek/cafe-enigma-aquatic-cryptids-2016/ width=100% height=60 hide_cover=1 mini=1 light=1 autoplay=1]
  8. DreagusProd#1

    Dreagus Productions: websites

    Places you can find me on the web: WordPress: https://dreagusproductions.wordpress.com Blogspot: http://dreagusproductions.blogspot.com/ LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/dreagusproductions FB 1: https://www.facebook.com/DreagusProductions FB 2: https://www.facebook.com/chan2pyramidonenetwork Ello: https://ello.co/markwojtaszek TSU: http://www.tsu.co/DreagusProd47 Tumblr: http://dreagusprod.tumblr.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/DreagusProd Pintrest; http://www.pinterest.com/dreagusprod/ Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/markwojtaszek/ Cafe’ Enigma Radio Show: https://archive.org/details/CafeEnigmaStringIntroduction1 Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/dreagusproductions Video Archives: http://www.videobash.com/profile/MarkWojtaszek3#videos
  9. Hello Folks,


    Welcome and drop in anytime.  I plan to have two blogs here one for the shows I do and the second for any fiddle-fart artwork I create or color in of someone else's.  It is my plan to stay here until admin gets the the original site fixed to where it was or improved better.  You can always contact me here or via my Wordpress page at Dreagus Productions on Wordpress.  

  10. RADIO PRODUCTION ANNOUNCEMENT FOR 27 JUL 16 CAFE’ ENIGMA RADIO SHOW #CRYPTOZOOLOGY #JackCary #PARANORMAL #UPDATE #History MAGICAL DAY RADIO SHOW with host @MagicalDayRadio #Disneyland #WaltDisneyWorld #DisneyParks #DisneyRadioShows FAMILY SPIRIT with LEITREANNA BROWN & DR. WESTON #CONSPIRACY #PARANORMAL #PSYCHIC #ENTERTAINMENT Below is a list of stations and links that carry our shows Pyramid One Network http://pyramidonenetwork2.wix.com/channel2 Winamp, iTunes http://user.radioboss.fm:2199/tunein/ropperma.pls Windows Media Player http://user.radioboss.fm:2199/tunein/ropperma.asx Real Player http://user.radioboss.fm:2199/tunein/ropperma.ram QuickTime http://user.radioboss.fm:2199/tunein/ropperma.qtl Web Proxy Direct stream link: http://s5.radioboss.fm:8077/stream TMV CAFE http://tunein.com/radio/TMV-Cafe-s148713/iTunes http://www.tmvcafe.com/#!radio/c1x9v Winamp,http://streams4.museter.com:2199/tunein/tmvcafe.pls Windows Media Player, http://streams4.museter.com:2199/tunein/tmvcafe.asx Real Player,http://streams4.museter.com:2199/tunein/tmvcafe.ram QuickTime,http://streams4.museter.com:2199/tunein/tmvcafe.qtl Diversity Broadcasting Network (WDBN) http://www.diversitybroadcastingnetwork.com Winamp, iTunes http://streams.museter.com:2199/tunein/wdbn.pls Windows Media Player http://streams.museter.com:2199/tunein/wdbn.asx Real Player http://streams.museter.com:2199/tunein/wdbn.ram QuickTime http://streams.museter.com:2199/tunein/wdbn.qtl WLIRadio Australia http://whitelightinfinity.wix.com/wliradio#!chatroom-and-listen-now/e87ih