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  1. Tsu Do you use Google+, are you using Facebook, using Twitter. Certainly you have an account on each and every one of them, what do you think if you had one account that combines the characteristics of each of these previous sites in addition to everything else .. money .. In Tsu In Tsu you can: Follow-up and add friends Tsu in you: to interact with others: like + comment + Share In Tsu you can: # Hachtag and @TAG Finally In Tsu you can make money How ? Tsu share "profits from advertising" with users .. because it is estimated favorite users in the survival and continuity, it must reward them,
  2. Hello my friends Two days ago, I presented the idea to a Tsu: paid surveys But I have not received any support or response from the people What do you think you are up with the idea while we left browse through tsu , there button above to proceed <take the survey> Thus we increase our profits. This link to the Post
  3. تقديم محتوى قيّم ...أي شيء يحمل معنى أوقيمة...وليس نشر أشياء عشوائية..+....قم بالتفاعل مع الاخرين ومنشوراتهم والرد على تعليقاتهم ...اي أشعرهم باهتمامك... FOLLOW ME
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    Hello My name is Yazan I am from Syria I am 20 years old, studying business management and marketing, I'm good at drawing, graffiti, design and production, I work in marketing, I loved the guitar and travel and parkour, dance, I spend my time with my friends, I love the simplicity of it all, I prefer people of the obvious. Sidelines: I love colors in my life. Follow me on TSU
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