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    THW Global

    THW Global Pay Plan 58 Hours of Successful International BETA Testing Completed International BETA Testing of the THWGlobal.com Video Platform has been a huge success. In 58 hours we have served nearly 1.8 million videos that have reached every corner of the earth. Up to $25 per hour watching Better Than YouTube Type Videos. Also huge management 6 figure opportunity. International advertising giant needs millions of IVs (INTERNET VIEWERS) over the age of 18 to invest up to 10 hours weekly giving comments on commercials, TV pilot programs, movie trailers, video surveys and so much more. Over 90% can be done from any smart phone or computer anytime / anywhere 24/7. From the comfort of your home or on the road. http://newnews.BetterThanYouTube.com It's YouTube in reverse. At YouTube they pay out mega millions to people who get high traffic of people coming to their posting. THW Global does just the opposite by paying millions to the viewers who watch content not place content. There is no fee or gimmicks to start working with our company. This is a Global offer so if you know anyone anywhere pass this message on to them. In fact when you register with THW Global you will get a welcome letter three personal URLs in case you wish to recommend others to work with us. THW Global will reward you up to $5 for every person who earns up to $25 an hour that you personally recommended. This means if someone you recommended worked 10 hours they would earn up to $250 and you would earn up to $50. and this goes on for as long as the person you recommended works with THW Global. See even more incentives below. Advertising is the 4th largest global industry. http://newnews.BetterThanYouTube.com
  2. tsu..........There is button on right hand " EXPORT MY DATA ". Some are working and some of are not. Only images view after export. ..............
  3. Expecting and waiting good news from tsu after maintenance. Join me or send friendship request with my WowApp link - https://www.wowapp.com/w/newnews/Pramod-Upadhye
  4. tsu invitation tsu is a social online network. tsu shares social revenues with active members. On tsū, you will get paid for your meaningful activity. New members can join tsū by my invitation link. After joining you have to complete profile. Upload your own photo and background cover photo. Start with making friends. Go to my friends list and send them request for friendship. Follow them. Post your pictures in feed section. Start to give like, comment on others posts. This is key to invite them to support your pictures. Do this job daily with your own time. See your daily earnings in Bank section. Post your pictures, photos, videos. Give your responses to other post ( like, comment and share). Generate your revenue by adding more friends like, comments and shared posts. Participation of conversation and communication is key of your success. A big network and their participation will bring you more money in bank menu. There are interesting channels to post your pictures and other stuffs. You have to invite your friends, relatives in this great social network. You will get daily earnings in your Bank menu. You can participate in running contest which is additional earning source from tsu. Do settings. Motivate your Family Tree. Use other Social Accounts and bring more friends. Join facebook groups and share your invitation link with your content. Read FAQ. So join with my invitation link. https://www.tsu.co/newnews
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  6. Hello, Friends ... My name is Pramod Upadhye and I am from India. I am here. why? Because, you are here. Without people, friends, followers you can’t enjoy this beautiful life (sites). That is a crazy part which attracts towards this social media. I enjoy tsu like you. Money is interesting thing everybody like this. I am also one of those people who wants to earn from such media. Thanks and find me on tsu with newnews.
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