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  1. Im also on fliiby, I followed you there https://flii.by/?ref=frenkythemonkey if you want to register or https://flii.by/frenkythemonkey/ if you are already there
  2. I dont get it, they had update day before, and now its shut down. Makes no sense. Also, its says they are adding button that will be available till august 31st, so i think it will be back and than shut down complitely after 31st...
  3. It was fine for a while, and now I get notification later than i should (exp:i get now notification that is 2 hours old like its a new one) :/
  4. Have you already heard for social network tsu? It is social network that shares 90% or reveue with active tsu users. That means you can earn money daily just by using this network same as any other social network. You can post your pictures,videos, links, status... and you recive views, likes, comments snd shares on those post, same as you can give all that to other users posts. You can also connect tsu to your other social networks and post on them at same time! On tsu you can both follow people and add people as friends (you can disable that it you want) and send messages to other use
  5. Thank you I like gifs a lot, but i make it rarely, tho love to see them aways. I will follow your channel on tsu
  6. Hello everyone, this is intorduction of me and my profile on tsu. Im Norra, from Serbia, Im 20 years old student. I love to travel , go to concerts and sport matches. I loove animals and nature as well. On my profile on tsu you can find only original conent (or very rarely, content of some other person but i always mention that in description), there are photos of me, my familly and friends, and dogs, nature, food, sometimes my drawings... If you want to see any of this, visit my profile on tsu and follow me if you like it Link to my profile http://www.tsu.co/Norra_Re
  7. Hey guys, I was woundering what you post the most on tsu, do you have specific theme, or there is a lot different kinds of post on your profile ?
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