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  1. Come and join us on The New Social via my invite link: http://www.tsu.co/NajetAk I joined TSU since two monthes ago, it is an online social networking service and payment platform like Facbook I meet a new people around the world , I found fun,.... I have my own channel about kids http://www.tsu.co/groups/only-kids, Join Us as we share a beautiful moment of kids Tsu is unique for its originality, so let's be original Peace and Love
  2. Hi I'm Najet from Tunisia i'm student my goal is to help people; to get a good job too......... My hobbies are drawing, cooking too In TSU it's raaaaaaaaaaaare to find people from my country; hope that tsu will be known in Tunisia that's me Thank You http://www.tsu.co/NajetAk
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