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  1. pleas help meyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  2. What should i do, please help me..
  3. My tsu profile was banned 7 days ago. I received an email that my content was inappropriate or I was spaming. Neither is realted with my profile. I sent many e-mails to TSU with no response. I will appreciate if you could help me http://www.tsu.co/vathsan90
  4. Examples:> Follow me/Follow you, Follow4Follow, language> Begging for shares> Misrepresenting the amount of money to be made on ts?> Irrelevant repeated commenting> Links to get-rich-quick sites
  5. Tsu Support via r17j1ifch6nqv6.f-7xzvmaa.na10.bnc.salesforce.com 8:45 PM (2 minutes ago) to me Hey tsu user, You can read the terms and conditions here: tsu.co/terms and our content guidelines here: tsu.co/faq After reviewing this information, you may create a new account using a new username and email address. Due to the type and frequency of your past activity, we will not reinstate access to your previous account. Your tsu Community Managers ?????????
  6. RESPONSE FROM TSU in regard to those who have left me their accounts which
    have been banned  

    :( pleas tomas(goad) 



    1. Tom Peace

      Tom Peace

      Your question was moved here - 

      Stick with this topic and reply to my question there (URL of your banned profile).

    2. vathsan



      my url http://www.tsu.co/vathsan90

      u my goad pleas help 

  7. RESPONSE FROM TSU in regard to those who have left me their accounts which have been banned pleas help
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