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  1. I did not do any of these . I described what I did in post. I did not do any of those
  2. My mistake was like that "#activeuser #originalcontentsThanks @Sebastian for making tsu.co this was my status with my own picture. When I posted several pics with this status, I did not notice that My pic was not posted but tsu.co web pic was posted in 2 or 3 group unintentionally . It is really shocking when I saw my account was banned. Someone may be reported my account for this. But When I realized tsu.co in status made problem from android, I change tsu.co to only tsu. But in this time, My account already reported. Could any of you know what should I do for getting back my account ?
  3. Is it allowed in tsu to use vpn or different ip to follow or unfollow people in multiple account? It looks like rules said we can follow 1000 people at a time but we need to unfollow people for next day. If I unfollow 500 people , I cant do more than that from a account. But I even cant do in my second account. if I use different ip, I hope that will not be problem. Do you have any idea?
  4. I have two tsu account. If I use same browser or laptop with same wifi, I can unfollow like 500 people from one account but I am supposed to unfollow 500 people from my second account too. Why I cant unfollow from 2nd account? do you have any explanation?
  5. Hello Suddenly I have notice I cant get tsu web site from my home wifi network . If I click on tsu.co, it says 503 service unavailable. but I can get in from Cellphone network . I dont know is it for website servicing or any other reason. PLease if you know, let me know. Waiting for your reply . I contacted with tsu support. I did not get any reply yet. Thanks Notunshopno
  6. So far I believe, I am posting original post all time. I have around 1100 friends and 600 follower. If I utilize all 36 post a day, I cant get more than 4000 views with these such 1100 friends on friendlsit. I am making $0.400 Please don't suggest me to post original photo. Its very common suggestion from people. I do it always. I like people's photo. I share too peoples photo but not much but I like much. I dont do comment much . My comment is not much. When it is awesome only then I comment. Please give me some tips and trics to get more views.
  7. I really need to know couple of things about tsu image upload. So far I talked to several tsupeople, everybody told me to use my own pics. I started from 23rd March and So far, I have been enjoying my free time in tsu. first 10-12 days in TSU , I did not post much original content, I saw lot of videos in you tube that, I can post any image which is royalty free. I posted lot of royalty free image but I never posted any google image. I used pixbay and some other licence free site for reusing image. Now I have over 1000 friends and 500 followers. Nowadays, I always post my own pics. Is there any possibility of getting banned for payment for posting my first 10-12 days photo uploading which were not my original content but it was royalty free image from pixbay. I am chemistry grad student in Profession in USA, doing PhD in Chemistry. Spending my free time in tsu, trying to build up big network. Now I am posting all original content. But sometimes using pixbay image but I totally modify with tsu pic tool. One more thing, when I used to uploading fixbay image, for around 4000 views, I used to earn $0.200 to $0.300 but when used to post original post, then earning level changed like $0.400 for 4000 views. I also am trying to engage with tsupeople around northamerica last 10-12 days not much asian tsupeole. What could be reason for earning increasing. My Concern and question to you guys: uploading pixbay image continuously in first 10-12 will make any trouble when I will withdraw my balance? 2) sometimes modification of fixbay image will make any trouble? You know everyday 36 original content upload is not easy job. I am sorry for writing so long stuff. Hope you guys will answer wisely. Please overlook spelling mistake
  8. I saw some people have only 200 friends but they have several thousand follower. How is that possible?
  9. I have been following 700 people in tsu. Last night, I followed around 500 people , that was kind of quicker. After 700 , follower button does not work anymore. Sofar, I can not follow anybody now. But If I try from cellphone network, it works. Whats the reason for this and How can I fix this problem> Do you have any idea?
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