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    why my account was banned?

    I did not do any of these . I described what I did in post. I did not do any of those
  2. Notun Shopno

    why my account was banned?

    My mistake was like that "#activeuser #originalcontentsThanks @Sebastian for making tsu.co this was my status with my own picture. When I posted several pics with this status, I did not notice that My pic was not posted but tsu.co web pic was posted in 2 or 3 group unintentionally . It is really shocking when I saw my account was banned. Someone may be reported my account for this. But When I realized tsu.co in status made problem from android, I change tsu.co to only tsu. But in this time, My account already reported. Could any of you know what should I do for getting back my account ?
  3. Notun Shopno

    using vpn for multiple tsu account

    Is it allowed in tsu to use vpn or different ip to follow or unfollow people in multiple account? It looks like rules said we can follow 1000 people at a time but we need to unfollow people for next day. If I unfollow 500 people , I cant do more than that from a account. But I even cant do in my second account. if I use different ip, I hope that will not be problem. Do you have any idea?
  4. I have two tsu account. If I use same browser or laptop with same wifi, I can unfollow like 500 people from one account but I am supposed to unfollow 500 people from my second account too. Why I cant unfollow from 2nd account? do you have any explanation?
  5. Notun Shopno

    503 Service unavailable

    Hello Suddenly I have notice I cant get tsu web site from my home wifi network . If I click on tsu.co, it says 503 service unavailable. but I can get in from Cellphone network . I dont know is it for website servicing or any other reason. PLease if you know, let me know. Waiting for your reply . I contacted with tsu support. I did not get any reply yet. Thanks Notunshopno
  6. So far I believe, I am posting original post all time. I have around 1100 friends and 600 follower. If I utilize all 36 post a day, I cant get more than 4000 views with these such 1100 friends on friendlsit. I am making $0.400 Please don't suggest me to post original photo. Its very common suggestion from people. I do it always. I like people's photo. I share too peoples photo but not much but I like much. I dont do comment much . My comment is not much. When it is awesome only then I comment. Please give me some tips and trics to get more views.
  7. Notun Shopno

    Free Image from Fixbay

    I really need to know couple of things about tsu image upload. So far I talked to several tsupeople, everybody told me to use my own pics. I started from 23rd March and So far, I have been enjoying my free time in tsu. first 10-12 days in TSU , I did not post much original content, I saw lot of videos in you tube that, I can post any image which is royalty free. I posted lot of royalty free image but I never posted any google image. I used pixbay and some other licence free site for reusing image. Now I have over 1000 friends and 500 followers. Nowadays, I always post my own pics. Is there any possibility of getting banned for payment for posting my first 10-12 days photo uploading which were not my original content but it was royalty free image from pixbay. I am chemistry grad student in Profession in USA, doing PhD in Chemistry. Spending my free time in tsu, trying to build up big network. Now I am posting all original content. But sometimes using pixbay image but I totally modify with tsu pic tool. One more thing, when I used to uploading fixbay image, for around 4000 views, I used to earn $0.200 to $0.300 but when used to post original post, then earning level changed like $0.400 for 4000 views. I also am trying to engage with tsupeople around northamerica last 10-12 days not much asian tsupeole. What could be reason for earning increasing. My Concern and question to you guys: uploading pixbay image continuously in first 10-12 will make any trouble when I will withdraw my balance? 2) sometimes modification of fixbay image will make any trouble? You know everyday 36 original content upload is not easy job. I am sorry for writing so long stuff. Hope you guys will answer wisely. Please overlook spelling mistake
  8. Notun Shopno

    why I Cant follow for more than 700

    I saw some people have only 200 friends but they have several thousand follower. How is that possible?
  9. Notun Shopno

    why I Cant follow for more than 700

    I have been following 700 people in tsu. Last night, I followed around 500 people , that was kind of quicker. After 700 , follower button does not work anymore. Sofar, I can not follow anybody now. But If I try from cellphone network, it works. Whats the reason for this and How can I fix this problem> Do you have any idea?