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  1. Hi, I got one Children and he is asking can I add you as Friend or follow you ,Is this Ok with TSU if he add me as a friend or follow me I am new to this platform and learning let me know Thanks Amit
  2. Hi , I got this from Tsu Support ,we can have more than one profile ,not an issue
  3. Thanks @steevc for clearing my doubts
  4. @Tomas Thanks for your reply I have one more question ,suppose a Selfie or Picture taken by me and I have it on my Facebook ,can I share that photo on my Tsu Profile because that is already on net and can easily be tracked online by google reverse image search or any other methods and might be others have also shared it . @liby.05 I just sent a ticket in order to confirm it
  5. @steevc Thanks for your reply Actually ,My Brother want to create one for himself ,can he sign up with my Tsu referral llink ? Yes ,he has his own email address and his own Laptop Thanks Amit
  6. HI @Tomas Suppose ,if someone posted some copyrighted content and if someone shared that ,would Tsu ban that user who shared that copyrighted content because he/she did not know about that .. Also,Can I Invite my Brother also to Tsu platform with my link but we use same internet and live in same house ,what are the conditions or I can't do that Please,let me know Thanks
  7. Thanks For clearing my Doubts ,Love it !
  8. Hi, I have a question ,can I share my Youtube channel Videos ,All videos are created by me .Does Tsu share revenues for this with me .. Just got this question ,I am new to Tsu Thanks Amit
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