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  1. the reason for people were inactive in tsu was, they realised after the join that it is not profitable as per they expected and its only good for those who have enough network and children. if all the users had paid about 90 % directly most of them had been show interest to sticked with tsu, but unfortunately that revenue sharing system was only favourable to network giants. so newly joined people are distracted from tsu. if anyone will start a new platform like this please keep this faulty revenue sharing method in mind. only honour network giants with reputation scores and some sort of good
  2. This message is showing now Good day nation of tsu, it's Sebastian. You are probably wondering about the new layout but in fact we have taken tsu dark. Although we have still have numerous active communities on the site, our mission of changing the social landscape for the benefit of the content creator has passed. I started this concept eight years ago and when we launched in late 2014 we brought the conversation of content ownership and monetization to the content rights holders into the mainstream. All told there were approximately 5.2 million of us who have used our p
  3. My grandmother http://www.tsu.co/Jamespaul/127417956
  4. http://www.tsu.co/Jamespaul/127417956
  5. I am very much found of this quote from Sir. Stephen Smith
  6. I am James Paul , Joined tsū on November 11, 2015 , now I have 37 friends and 10290 followers, I welcome everyone to Join me and 5 million user in tsu. now my daily average revenue is around one dollar.
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  8. oh its same like mutual friends in facebook
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