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  1. I tried. But this was my 2nd account suspended one 's unreasonable. I am very disappointed with the way the Tsu , I think so , but one large number of abandoned tsu is so
  2. Well this is a social network the best I ever attended. But I have confidence in them. They implication inappropriate reasons to suspend my account. The human suffering is limited, so I chose to give up. From now on I will no longer interested tsu, I also recommend my friends to do so. Thank admin helped me in the last time Thank you for reading my article.
  3. Maybe in your country do not see this situation. In our country has recently happened many cases like it. They did not give a plausible reason unjustifiably suspended not appeal to others
  4. Tsu are they scared with huge number of members? They very much account suspended, with the ridiculous reasons, actually they do not violate :) I feel disappointed about them.
  5. I submitted but have not received a reply
  6. but why did not notice the train and sent back the reason . but deleting my account
  7. Why is deleted my account? Give me a reason
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