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  1. To ensure that i get paid im posting my own photo pics, i have plenty throughout all these years of politic campaign. I have seen in the monitarization that they dont pay some posts unless they are of original content.
  2. I see that many people post images they find in google, because i have seen them elsewhere.
  3. Thank you Steevc i sincerely doubt Tsu has the power to identify all the information for copyright infringment that is posted in thier site.
  4. Good to know i'll try pixabay then..
  5. Is that true all images that we search in google and post in TSU don't get paíd?
  6. Congrat. How much time did it take you get your $100 ?
  7. I was wondering what should i post to optimize my views since we have a limit in the number of posts. I see that cute animals have made a lot a views lately, but i am looking for some other material that can draw more atention. Piggy style...lol
  8. Thank you Tomas i look forward for my first 100 dolars.
  9. HI i'm from Argentina and im wondering how do i get paid after i reach 100 dolars. I now they are paying with checks but is there also another way? We dont have social security numbers for taxes either is that a problem if we get more incomes ? I think it should we fair for everyone besides USA to benefit from TSU.
  10. TSU HI there im new in this forum ,I'm a poet and screenplay writer and also new in tsu i've only been more than a week and i have half a dólar in my wallet i obvously need more followers and friends . Finding new childrens is also hard to get so i came to this fórum to express my feelings over this social media so i can convince them to be under my wing. It seams a cool social media with lots of original and fresh content that can change how people share thier content. I hope tsu promeses to last long enough to make a solid social competitor against Facebook. Here are my reason why i choose Tsu as my art receptor: 1): Everyone has to be able to share thier post and make some cash of it. 2): I fiil part of a big social familiy that have a común interest. 3): We can change the way social media is handled. 4): Its a good instrument to publish your art and soul. 5): Independant Artist and musician can make extra cash. 6): It's a new social media that can grow with you. 7): We need some fresh air from Facebook. BE COOL... DONT WORRY BE HAPPY... BE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT... LISTEN TO YOUR HEART...IT WILL TAKE YOU FAR. this is my link: http://www.tsu.co/Sirshylock
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