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  1. elektro


    Sphere is the new generation of social network.We are creating a decentralized social network, separate from those corporations. You have a say, and above all you take back the power with every click and every social connection.
  2. New and profitable.

    The result of 5 day.

    Join me  here.



  3. Have you experienced this in Tsu?




    My profile is hacked. Below this link is Tsu post where you see the perpetrator.

    I found his profile on all networks, reported and blocked.

    Warning to be careful.

    It is interesting that none of the people mentioned in the post did not find five minutes for this problem.

    They're a little disappointed me, people in leadership Tsu. 

    Six months without a reply, it is time now others know about it.

    1. Tom Peace

      Tom Peace

      did you try to contact support or some other members of staff? If you tagged just Sebastian it is not enough, he gets thousands of notifications every day.


      Btw when I see the picture - why did you install some "Tsu Helper" ? Do you understand this is probably the reason your account was hacked??? If you give someone access to your account with such an app, you can't blame anyone except yourself for being hacked...



  4. Have you thought about your brand? Make your page, my band and advertise everywhere. My brand TSU is done these days and put on the net. See an idea, you can make for yourself. In addition to ideas, there are tips for TSU. http://zeljko.branded.me/ This is my page, and do not forget - it's free.
  5. They're coming to the group, what do you think?
  6. I do not want to comment, just read what it says Dexter Roona! https://www.tsu.co/ConfluenceMedia/43804878
  7. To truth hurts was confirmed in the next post: https://www.tsu.co/elektro/42049765 Simple is better to copy the image of a lion or an elephant, you have a safe likes. If you are trying to make a post, with good information you will not get likes, dumb comments. Once again, the image of this post has received more likes and comments of the post. The effort is futile! Or is it the quality of the community, or is the truth in this post hurt many "leaders"!
  8. While there is a limit of 15 people per day which you can send a message it is difficult to make sending a group. Maybe for kids that limit should disappear, then be possible through the help messages. That would be great.
  9. A very good thing is that the number of checks is growing, no one can no longer say that this is a scam. Now there remains only the persistence of the first check.
  10. Great review TSU networks. In summary, and explained in detail.
  11. Come here sharing with us how it's done, and I did it on the blog here. All in one, one for all!
  12. Similarly, for me, came up to 0:37 and then drop to 0.20. So you spin around 0:30, and again fall to 0.20. I'd say it's normal, depends on the quality of your subject, whether he came in the right time and how many people are online.
  13. After arrival in 5000 of friends every day 1-3 go. These are people who do not watch posts and without friends, so come new, and slowly creates a circle of real friends that prices good post.
  14. This is great, to think of the entire population. All praise to the creators of the video, remember to another you have to be a good person. This is worth the same as a donation, especially for these people.
  15. All praise for your videos. They're really good and instructive, great job.
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