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  1. Facebook might have paid the investors
  2. Hello Bros and Sis, My profile Link: www.tsu.co/libinmathewoommen Here.. Libin Mathew Oommen from India, state KERALA "GOD's Own Country". You might have heard about this beautiful place. If you go to any part of the world, you can find a Keralite (MALLU) and I'm one of them . Now our presence are here in tsu as well as in tsuforum. I'm working as an HR Payroll Associate also, by heart I'm a Graphic designer If I say about my character, I'm an Angry Bird. Only my mom and my girlfriend can tolerate this . But everyone loves me. They
  3. liby.05


  4. Can't tsu have a tie up with Pokemon Go like Facebook with other game app?
  5. Agreed. Have you guys noticed the release of Pokemon go. I would say that is the power of advertising and marketing..
  6. Since we have lot of scams running around, they will not listed to mouth publicity much. Can't tsu enter into share market (IPO) to attract potential investor? They can collect required working capital so that they can improve their work force, server strength and can spend some amount for advertising. Normally all startup business develop like this.
  7. Waiting for 1 Billion Indians to Join tsu. This can be done only through advertisement or by inviting some celebrities to tsu. tsu officials need to do some action on this.. If this is done, I can get my 1 million network count in less than 3 month...
  8. 70-80% Facebook users are also from Asia. Facebook is getting billions from the same. Why tsū only get 500$? Do you have a valid proof?
  9. now the admins will get notifications if there is a pending post in the channel with moderation.
  10. Now we have got the option in app to approve pending post in Channel with moderations. This is one of the best upate which I have liked
  11. What does this means? I saw this when I was approving a queue post in my channel
  12. We are not able to spend much time in tsu because of this
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