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  1. I joined TSU like a year ago and stopped after a few weeks. I just didn't have the time and I really hadn't earned but a penny or two. I started back up about 2 week ago and I started really aggressively trying to get children. I just cant seem to get anyone at all to join under me. I have several niche pages I have setup under my main account. One of the ones I thought might generate some children was my http://www.tsu.co/lgbt_nationaccount. I created a twitter account with the same name(slightly different because that exact name was taken) a google plus account and a pinterest account. I created a brand logo. In between my normal tweets about LGBT stuff I created an image that has my link on it, and my brand logo and such. I tweet it a few times a day on my LGBT_Nation1 twitter account as well as on some of my other twitter account. I also posted a status with my link on several facebook pages I used for personal use and for marketing. I joined several LGT groups on Google Plus and posted my ad as well as created my own community called LGBT_nation. I expected to pick up someone but no one has joined. I did similar stuff but too a less degree with some other niche tsu users such as ;http://www.tsu.co/reptilepictures and ;http://www.tsu.co/spiderphotographs and again no one has joined. Any ideas to help me get some people to sign up under me? Or did I just get started too late to have any real chance at getting children?
  2. I have several niche accounts if anyone is interested in joining. Anything reptile related http://www.tsu.co/reptilepictures Spider related http://www.tsu.co/spiderphotographs Young Living Essential Oils http://www.tsu.co/younglivingEOMom LGBT stuff http://www.tsu.co/lgbt_nation
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