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  1. Social Networks Test I ve tested some networks recently and I have to say, pity, nothing is good or better than TSU. The networks are good but not 100%, it is really no big deal to do good network, one programmer can do it, so I wait for next new media.
  2. Testing Rabadaba Hello, now I am testing also network Rabadaba, the use is better than on Flii, it has app, it is more comfortable. Follow me on Rabadaba, nick NoCliche
  3. because they became idiots
  4. Martin

    Fliiby review

    btw. today I wrote to Fliiby support with many suggestions like on TSU haha, epic me, now they know I am here :DDD ..and else what is good on Fliiby? When you check your followings and followers, under name is the time of last activity, so it is very comfortable.
  5. Martin

    Fliiby review

    Fliiby Hey, pity that TSU went down, ok, they didnt warn us, it was quick like my morning coffee, so the same speed I changed social media. I ve tried some social networks and Fliiby seems to be good, one month tryout is needed. On Fliiby you have everything what you need, only one thing is really missing, writing texts, but ok, I can write it on Twitter. The important thing is to not use the blue whatever thing called Facebook. The idea, sharing of revenues, is modern and every network should have it, if not, we dont use it. On Fliiby I like very much
  6. Trying other social network Fliiby. Register here https://flii.by/?ref=NoCliche Looks better than Sweeba.
  7. all TSU user go to this group and we can talk what next https://www.facebook.com/groups/refTSUgees/?fref=ts
  8. BIG Oops I think they did some mistakes, only one man can create social network and it s not so exepensive. So now I am trying 3 new social networks, I really hate facebook Now I try Sweeba, registration https://www.sweeba.com/?ref=NoCliche Fliiby registration https://flii.by/?ref=NoCliche and YouFace, this make some Czech guy, still not on 100% Fliiby seem to be best, good design, but Sweeba over 0.1$ per only some posts...hmm and I just have started
  9. you can watch it here http://www.tsu.co/account/tree
  10. Second big TSU upgrade 2016 Open your TSU on PC and you see some good changes. It is very comfortable now and I think the rolling is smooth. What is the best? Hidden menu when you put your mouse on your photo in upperleft corner. You can hide the Topics - animals, arts, communities.... Notification button has good color Everything just works faster We dont see Family Tree, hope this is only bug Enjoy it
  11. No Notifications Lately we had problem with notifications, now it all works, anybody has still problem or is it ok for 100%?
  12. What they said, create new account and use it like human
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