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  1. yes i believe it got 100 view equal .01 or 1 view = .0001
  2. Like i said on other posts all my friends are active user i wont accept with out. so feel free to add my friends list.
  3. I hear you there steve! but i think tsu is gaining popularity with all the new news articles
  4. Yeah, thats what it is i just learned that from LightHouse today. thank you for the help
  5. I just had a clitch today my post that had 4,000 views got reduced to 700. idk why....
  6. Tutor

    Tsu Market

    Thanks for the info. ill check it out!
  7. Sure i would like to participate About Myself. I am devoted to helping tsu newbies! i spend about an hour a day answering all the messages i get from them on tsu. i do my best to stay updated and keep my followers informed on the latest and newest changes to tsu and add a little humour when i can also have a friends list hand crafted of only english speaking super active users What i like about tsu. The opportunity to beable to connect with others around the world and the way we connect is such a beautiful way in times of need for example the Nepal Earthquake!
  8. Thats incorrect in the FAQ it states 36 posts in which 12 of those can be shares if you dont share you get 36 post if you use your 12 shares you get 24 posts
  9. LOL, Really... If anyone falls for this BS i would be shocked! hopefully he/she gets IP BANNED
  10. yes i agree, i also would like this for children to see who to focus on. also option to rank children by how big their network is would be nice
  11. i find that the update really messed up the notifactions. they come really late and im missing alot, i only see 1 of the 5 ppl that share my content so i dont know who did the shares
  12. idk why but i cant donate less then a dollar still..
  13. FanZine you need to be verified on facebook or twitter and then share your tsu link
  14. Tutor

    New Tsu

    If you guys like i have been manually adding to my friends list of only active english speaking friends feel free to add them!
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