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  1. Anyone see any new updates to Tsu? I have stopped logging in as I was frustrated with really poor coding and that Tsu does not really pay anything.
  2. Anyone with a Masters Degree in whatever they call the degree for programming should be working on this site. If you ever look for a job on one of the well established websites such as Google, eBay, Amazon etc they require all of their programmers to have a Masters. Building coding for a social media site is very difficult.
  3. Only tip that I have. Reason is, Tsu is a poorly written website. But they are building the site completely by scratch and this makes it extremely difficult to design. If you don't have experience creating a social media site, you honestly do not know how much programming in involved in creating them. If you are curious in learning basic stuff about coding for a website, you might be interested in this book being sold on Amazon http://amazon.com/gp/product/0764541668/ref=ya_st_dp_summary or watch this video on YouTube https://youtube.com/watch?v=7TF00hJI78Y I give Tsu tips pretty o
  4. All you can do is go to each account and unfriend people that have not logged in.
  5. Ideally, it would be better for Tsu to work on their technical issues than to worry about bringing more people in. It is far better for people not to know about Tsu now and have them join later when the site functions better. There is nothing stopping Tsu from becoming one of the giant websites out there.
  6. Ultimately, the people at Tsu and the users have to understand that friends are NOT followers. Friends should be people that actually care about your content and engage with you all the time. Followers should be for users that are less engaged. So, Tsu should reduce the limit for friends each user may have. The 5,000 friends limit is too high. Possibly limit that number to 1,000 or fewer. If Tsu allows Businesses to have their own page, allow them to have an unlimited amount of followers but limit that page to only following a maximum of 1,000 people and don't allow that page to have Frien
  7. I do not see any difference. The notifications system is still poor. Honestly if I had to rank their notification system currently I would rank it at a 2/10 Hopefully, they will sometime fix it.
  8. So the next time you donate a penny, just think about how wealthy Kevin is. He is donating 500 times that amount.
  9. I think e-mails working would benefit Tsu tremendously. It would remind people that tried Tsu one time and left to return. Everyone knows that the money is in an e-mail list. This is why Amazon and eBay will e-mail their members once a day. Tsu defiantly needs to find a way to pay it's members more if this site is to succeed.
  10. We are not told that in the FAQ. So honestly, I have no idea.
  11. I was just thinking. When you go on Tsu and scroll down 50 posts there might be 2 or 3 ads you see. I was just wondering if all those people split the earnings by the amount of posts that there are. So for example, let's say the cost to the advertiser is $5 per 1,000 Impressions. Your 1 view costs the advertiser $0.005 Do all the people's posts get split up by 50? In other words each person would only make $0.0001 and then multiply that by 45% as the content creators value according to the algoithim at Tsu and so each person only makes 0.000045 per post.
  12. Are there limits to how much I can post on tsu? Yes. We understand many users are as excited as we are about tsu! While we certainly encourage users to grow their audiences through original content and earnest engagement, we do not allow spamming (e.g., follow me/follow you language, aggressive hashtagging, irrelevant commenting, etc) as a means to gain more followers. To keep tsu an awesome community for authentic engagement, there are some limits to the amount of interaction users can have from their profile. 36 Posts per 24 hour period 12 of those 36 posts can be shares (If you don’t
  13. Can we have stats on our last 24 hour activity? How many posts did we make in the last 24 hours vs our limit. How many shares did we make in the last 24 hours vs our limit etc.
  14. A suggestion to give members that have at-least 1,000 friends or at-least 1,000 followers know what times are better to post when people are online. This will also increase the amount of shares that members receive driving more traffic.
  15. Do they have any updates in FAQ what this actually means? If not, they need to. This is what profesonal websites do when they change their terms.
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