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  1. Wowapp

    You only have to cover the cost of the transfer. As of now, early 2018, there are also different thresholds for different cashout methods: Charity > starting from 10 WowCoins. (without charge) WowCredit > starting from 100 WowCoins. (without charge) PayPal, Bank transfer, Credit card > any amount as long as you cover the costs, like = $1 + 8%.
  2. How to erning from wowapp

    @Hridoy Roy, In WowApp you earn from several activities: Chatting with friends (every time you and your friends see an advertising in WowApp > you earn wowcoins) Paid calls to mobile phone numbers or landlines - every time you make a paid call to someone outside of WowApp, you earn cashback. This is very useful for international calls because the calling rates are very good. Playing games - every time you and your friends play games in the app > you earn wowcoins. Online shopping - you can shop in over 5000 online shops worldwide. And every time you make a purchase in WowShop > you earn cashback. Some deals are very good. Instant earn - by performing different activities in the app (like installing an app, watching video, etc.) Smart Slide - every time you unlock your phone, you earn wowcoins And more to come soon...
  3. Hello from Canada

    Hi @Jamie, welcome to the forums! It's almost two years since I started using WowApp as well. I love the combination of mobile phone and a computer app. It's my number 1 app for communication these days.
  4. Bill Ottman interview with Timcast

    Bill Ottman, one of the co-founders of Minds.com is interviewed by Timcast:
  5. Monetization on Minds

    Recently, there have been huge updates regarding monetization on Minds.com. Now you can earn money, points or Bitcoin on Minds using following features: WIRE Wire gives you the ability to send points, money or Bitcoin to other Minds users (channels). It also allows you to set up your "Reward Tiers" - something similar to what we can see on Patreon. For example - you can set your reward tier to $10 and only users who pay those $10 (monthly) will be able to see the content which is behind this paywall. This is how easy it is to set up rewards for your subscribers & supporters. And this is the panel on your Minds channel showing your earnings over the past 30 days: More about Minds Wire >>> https://www.minds.com/wire MONETIZATION This feature allows you to get another revenue stream from your online content. For example - you can earn ad revenue on your blog posts, receive P2P boost offers, etc. More about Monetization >>> https://www.minds.com/monetization AFFILIATE PROGRAM With Minds Affiliate program you can earn 25% of the revenue Minds generates from your referrals. For example - someone signs up to Minds using your unique affiliate link. If that person then buys points (in order to boost his/her content on Minds) you get the 25% commission on that sale. More about Affiliate Program >>> https://www.minds.com/affiliates MINDS PLUS This feature allows you to access some premium exclusive content from the Minds team, hide all boosts & advertising, it also allows you to ask for a verified badge on your account. It costs $5 per month and you also get 1,000 points for every month you pay. More about Minds Plus >>> https://www.minds.com/plus Follow tsuforum on Minds >>> https://www.minds.com/register?referrer=tsuforum
  6. Please vote in the poll above. Simply choose which kind of earnings is your top choice in WowApp. You can choose multiple answers.
  7. Tell us who you are, what you like

    Hi @Nagraj m, tsu social network was shut down in summer 2016.
  8. Show me the WoW factor?

    Welcome to the forums @Kal_Moone
  9. My loving friends

    Hello @Sahadat sk, unfortunately tsu is shut down since August 2016 and this is tsuforum where we used to talk about tsu. Anyway, welcome to the forums! I believe your city must be very beautiful!
  10. money. how does one earn?

    Hi @Ceryl Henchel, In WowApp there are more ways to earn. Basically you earn wowcoins just by using the app. For example - when you chat with your friends using WowApp, you both see ads in the app. Then you get paid for seeing those ads. It's not a lot of money, but at least it's fair. There are more ways to earn, for example in WowShop - www.shop.wowapp.com It's good to read on their website or you can join me and I will guide you.
  11. The only way I can see them making money is by selling points
    1. Tom Peace

      Tom Peace

      Hi @faraz ahmad

      I don't understand what you mean. Can you please explain further? Are you talking about WowApp? 

    2. shahbazalijatoi


      challlllllllll  dala  barwa  

  12. The only way I can see them making money is by selling points
  13. How popular is Minds

    The only way I can see them making money is by selling points. Currently there is a price of $10 per 10,000 views and they claim it's a promo price to secure enough funds for future development (crowdfunding). There is also some monetization available for US customers - it doesn't work in my country - and I'm not sure if they take some % from advertising money displayed on your feed.
  14. How popular is Minds

    I haven't checked Alexa rank of Minds.com for a while but it seems like this website was steadily growing over the past year. It's still in beta (not a final product) but if its growth will continue, it can become big. Why do I think it? Because it seems to be growing organically, not because of some hype - people seem to like the website and they find it valuable. And to be honest, I like it, too. They did a great job since I opened my account almost two years ago.
  15. 8 app news

    Good article. I also received two offers on the8app but they weren't interesting to me. I really like how it works on Minds - there is something like peer-to-peer advertising, but it's still in beta and the monetization isn't available in my country yet. Interesting days, I believe some of these apps will be quite important in the future.