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    Wowapp is a messaging service where u can connect with your friends and family all around the world. Is similar like whatsup and skype, but the difference is wowapp share 70% of its revenue with its members. Come join me now on wowapp and socialize with your friends now. https://www.wowapp.com/w/karen.marais/Karen-Marais
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    helo guize how are you hi i am shafiqjutt your own friend i am here
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    Not bad. 50 dollars earned at the moment100 WowCoins = 1$.WowApp is like Whatsapp but it shares its profit with their users. There are several other ways to earn with WowApp like Cashback, but I haven't checked out all of them yet. My income comes mostly from inviting others, shopping and simply using wowapp to chat with friends and family. Been on WowApp since 2015 and it really does what it says it does. Best wishes!
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    sheryll Esperas


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    Tom Peace


    Hello @sheryll Esperas, welcome to the community! I have sent you a message!
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    Wowapp invitation by Ondrej Kolder

    Hello friends, I'm Ondrej and I started using wowapp. I would like to share a few first impressions of this application. I also use tsu and email. I do not like change but in this case my curiosity based great. I was most attracted and comforted design. Wowapp is simple and clear. Nicely made up so there was no problem there quickly orientate. At first glance, it reminded me the most ICQ. I started on it. I hope from now on I will end with wowapp and I do not need to change. =) Wowapp also reminds me skype. Skype I was satisfied but over time my PC received viruses. You could say the wowapp is from my perspective, ICQ and Skype together. After several days of use, I am satisfied. More than satisfied. =) See terms of application really experiencing a boom. 2-3 months more than 500,000 users. That's amazing. I think that once users try wowapp, stay with it. Since many new users to quickly leave the project, but this is not the case. Wowapp I use three days, and so far without any problems. I tried writing, calls, send files, group chat. I look forward to exploring other functions. To meeting new and interesting people. You can invite friends via a link you have on your site. Connectivity is through invitations. Here is mine. https://www.wowapp.com/w/pixiio/Ondrej-Kolder. I hope that I entice you and connect to a large user group wowapp. Do not wait and let's try it. I look forward to Wowapp =)