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    Today's winners: Alex steevc SpiritualMarketeer Congratulations to all
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    Today's winners: Be_Free_ TopTsuGirls ConfluenceMedia miley homs Congratulations!
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    Today's winners: steevc TopTsuGirls TsuFanZine Congratulations!
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    Banned users should be removed from the Family Tree list and from all the lists and completely removed! I feel like a waste of time everytime I want to visit my 'children's profile and a banned user comes along :/ This is why the 'Sort by activity' option should be available as soon as possible! Top Tsū Girls
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    So Today's winners: sinisa916 elektro LeonTsu Congratulations!
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    Tom Peace

    tsuforum upgrade

    I have fixed few bugs here on tsuforum: like button doesn't look broken anymore blog header & blog description are not broken anymore tsuforum logo has changed slightly tsuforum should be now fully working on mobile devices, if you want to switch between full & mobile skin, choose from the left bottom corner (in case it doesn't work automatically): I hope these little visual changes will make your experience on tsuforum even better
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    Top Tsū Girls

    Top Tsū Girls

    Hi all! I am the owner of Top Tsū Girls I am not here to spam Hope I can stay here using my page as my profile/identification on this forum. I am here to help and to be helped too! Top Tsū Girls
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    Looks like Tsu is starting to pay through PayPal!! Check this post by the "first person from Romania who received TSU payment through Paypal." -> @freecode www.tsu.co/freecode/37517518 Top Tsū Girls
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    I've been using Trados for almost a month now and, although a lot of improvements were made, there are still two things I think would be huge improvements for the TSU family. I've had two people already complaining of those two problems and stopped coming there. One is the lack of an edition tool. It is very boring to write something, finding an error and then have to delete the post and rewrite it. An edition tool would be essencial to get people sticking with TSU. The other is the friend request limit, or more than that, the impossibility of having a place where you can see your friend request and delete the ones non replied to. That would be a wonderful tool. Hope this helps. Nelson Santos
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    I have withdrawn this competition because there is a strong incentive to post as much as possible on these forums to be in the top 3 posters each day. However I would still like to continue in giving you children, I have just made few improvements... Today's 3 Random Posters get FREE Children: Rules: Check here the list of today's posters. Every day between 21:00 GMT and 23:00 GMT (London time), I will check this list and I will pick up 3 random users who will get FREE Children. Please keep in mind that your posts should be USEFUL, INTERESTING and VALUABLE for others. I am the one who will decide if the post is valuable, interesting or long enough. I am not strict, however, posts like "thank you", "cool", "I need childrens" are spam and will not count. I also reserve the right to priroritize somebody who has contributed something very valuable to this community. For example if I can see something valuable, I reserve the right to pick this user and give him free children. This competition will run until I announce its end. So you can get new Children every day if you contribute to these forums! I will post those 3 users every day as a reply to this topic. Be sure you have your signature on these forums. You can also see the Today's Top Posters in the bottom right corner on homepage:
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    Hi, to all of my new friends I'm registered on Tsu since 1 month and have some friends and followers but no children I'm active on Tsu and post about technology and science. Nice to meet you all and Thanks for your help to get mode children ! Have a nice day !
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    An experiment on Tsu

    Just out of interest I've created a second account on Tsu. It will be doing pretty much the opposite of what I do and I want to see what effect that has. On my main account I rarely accept friend requests. It really has to be someone I would follow anyway. I only follow people who post stuff that interests me. I post stuff I think is funny/cool/interesting and share a few posts that I think are worth it. I like and comment in moderation, but try to keep my comments relevant. The new account will accept all friend requests and follow people back. It will share lots of random posts and like just about anything. It will not spam people with follow comments and will not send any friend requests. It has followed a few celebrities and posted a couple of comments to attract people. Already has six friends after a few hours. If this new account makes some money I will donate it to charities.
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    Tom Peace

    Funny tsu Pictures

    Feel free to share the best funny pictures you have found on tsu. There is so much fun there! So make a little archive of the best ones! If you want to know how to upload pictures on this website, see this tutorial. Let's start with this one:
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    I think they should make an account with Tsu announcements on what they are planning to do in the near future. For example, the next month we are working on.... I really miss the interaction from the development. Ant Long is the only one that gives information, but only the happy information about small features. But not about that they know that sharing from the app to other networks doesn't work and that they will work on it. They could give more insight in what they are working on.
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    Today's winners: sjofre SpiritualMarketeer jburbage Be_Free_ Congratulations!
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    PayPal payments - It has begun!! (?)

    It's in https://www.tsu.co/terms/monetization-terms
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    I get it why you don't earn, lol
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    Found this post and it really says a lot! [had to insert paragraphs and highlited some of the important things ] By Matthew Hammersley @matthammer " (...) comments going around about follow for follow, let's work together to make money, blah blah blah...they're still SPAM!!! These posts are NOT interesting, they are NOT original, and they will NOT inspire people to follow you. Sure...they may help you snag a few followers...but they will not help you keep them. Getting followers means nothing if you cannot retain them. Instead of blasting follow for follow over every post under the sun..how bout instead...writing a comment that is interesting, meaningful, witty...and most important...relevant to the topic. Chances are you will have a lot more people clicking on your profile and actually following you if you use this tactic. Next...too many people have their priorities misaligned and are striving towards the wrong goal. Everyone is going bat shit crazy trying to gain followers...STOP IT!!! Gaining followers is NOT your primary objective...building your NETWORK is. I haven't asked a single person to follow me...and I'm not going to. Would I like more followers? Sure. Am I worried about it? Nope. I'm patient...they'll come when they come. NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK...build your NETWORK. As early adopters of this platform...we have an amazing opportunity to build massive networks...DON"T WASTE IT!!! Focus on your network now...worry about your followers later. Don't quote me on these numbers...but I've estimated that the CPM for current advertisements is about .20c per 1000 views. That means you as an original content creator get .09c per 1000 views of YOUR content. This means that you need approx. 11,100 daily views to generate $1.00 in revenue on your original content...are you getting 11,100 daily views? If you are..great...but that's still just $1.00. We all want to have great content, build followers, and make money off our own content...but the network is where the big money is at...so that is where you need to focus. I've included some screen shots of my account to illustrate this fact. [see original post] (...). So...go recruit your friends...pitch your sell to people you don't know...and build your network. Worry about the followers later. Post good content...and they will come Just my opinion...do with it what you will " Original Post: www.tsu.co/matthammer/1419413 Top Tsū Girls
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    No way ! Won again ! Thank you Tomas and congratulations too: JUMOWA TopTsuGirls
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    Today's 3 Random Posters get FREE Children

    Posted Yesterday, 05:58 PM Today's winners: Nanni miuraquel lifeispix Congratulations! Woohoo I won, I NEVER WIN !! This is awesome. I already welcomed about 10 kids yesterday and this morning it seems my family is still growing. No idea how this works, but thank you I love this forum
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    Tom Peace

    I wish you a Merry Christmas :)

    Today's Top 3 posters get FREE Children! - !!! NO LONGER ACTIVE !!! Rules: Check here who is in the top 3 today's posters. Every day between 22:00 GMT and 00:00 GMT (London time), I will check this order. Those in the first 3 places will get new Children until the next round (=next day) of this competition. 1st place will get the most Children, 2nd little less and 3rd little less, too. Please keep in mind that your posts must be USEFUL, INTERESTING, VALUABLE for others and LONG ENOUGH. I am the one who will decide if the post is valuable, interesting or long enough. I am not strict, however, posts like "thank you", "cool", "I need childrens" are spam and will not count. This competition will run until I announce its end. So you can get new Children every day if you will contribute here You can also see the Today's Top Posters in the bottom right corner on homepage: I wish you a Merry Christmas ... and a Happy New Year! I wish all the people on the planet all the best - peace, love and happiness! I also want to say a big THANK YOU to all who participated on these forums. It's been a quite hectic time before the Christmas and I was not able to be online much, because I want to spend my time with family and those who I love. However, I would like to continue with supporting and helping for those who will participate in posting and helping people on these forums. And so this competition is a small Christmas present for you. Enjoy the Christmas time! (if you are from the country where you don't celebrate Christmas, I wish you all the best, too!)
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    Tips to grow you family tree

    Hello, On tsu, as you know, you are paid just to do what you do on facebook or twitter, write, share and socialise! A great way to grow your family tree in tsu, and earn even more, is by using the facebook and twitter buttons on your posts and share them automatically on those 2 social media sites . posts that convince others to follow you, and be your family, on tsu, are those with your earnings. make screenshots form your bank and share them once a week, for instance. And don't give up! tsu is a growing website and your earnings tend to grow with it Hope that helps! If you want you can follow me on: https://www.tsu.co/sjofre
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    I am trying to engage with as many as will let me. It takes time, but I think it is time spent well. One of the first things I do is to try and get my children up and running - to help them feel more committed - eg setting up an avatar if they would like one and to start the process of friending and posting. The important thing is that "It is easy" - why would you post from Facebook when you can post your Tsu post to Facebook with no extra effort - just click the icon. Inevitably the question of "When will I get paid?" will arise... and the answer of course lies in their efforts to post good content which will be viewed, liked and shared. The important thing is to help them understand the value of Tsu - the reach and breadth is so much greater than you can get on Facebook - eg you have the opportunity to connect with thousands who would never have found you on other social networking sites. I also think it is important to set goals. For instance, what kind of experience do you want to have? When I joined I set a goal of 5,000 friends within a month and 6k followers by end December. I achieved those goals through sheer graft and continually working at it. However, the important question is "WHY is that goal important? and it should link to the overall reason as to WHY am I active on Tsu question." So no matter what goal you set, make it measurable. It could be as simple as posting information about a particular topic and then going out to the web or creating content about it. Hope this helps!